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Fostla BMW 550i: More power than in the BMW M5

Fostla BMW 550i
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O ptisch makes the BMW 550i with the M package already powerful ex works what from. Fostla adds a matt gray full film here. Shiny black foiled shadow line elements set accents. In the interior, too, foils in a self-designed design provide a breath of fresh air.

570 hp for the BMW 550i

Fostla is also stepping up on the technology side. Shorter suspension springs lower the 550i by 35 mm. 20-inch light alloy wheels with 245/35 tires on the front axle and 285/30 rollers on the rear axle, together with 5 mm track plates, fill the remaining space under the wheel arches.

However, the real power plus is provided by a sports exhaust system including downpipes, which allow the 4.4-liter V8 biturbo engine to breathe more freely, and modified engine control software contributed by partner PP-Performance. For 4,299 euros, the output of the V8 climbs from 408 to 570 hp. The maximum torque increases from 600 to 800 Nm. The M5 only has 560 hp and 680 Nm.


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