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Forgotten concept cars - Audi Avantissimo: in the right place at the wrong time

Forgotten concept cars - Audi Avantissimo
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D This is where it stood, the Audi Avantissimo, a station wagon Luxury class, a preview of the upcoming Audi A8. Future? She didn't care, the audience was caught up in the here and now. The US was hit by the worst terrorist attack in history. A topic that overshadowed everything else back then.

Audi Avantissimo as the original mother of the grill

Here and now, a late tribute to Audi Avantissimo. Why? Just like that, a reminder of my walk past the study. 5.06 meters along to the stern and on the other side 5.06 meters back to the split radiator grill - the mother of the now well-known and not entirely undisputed grill. A reminiscence of beautiful station wagons and also a small complaint. 'Why did you never build it!' A station wagon in the upper class! You would have been so far ahead of your time, even today in the face of shooting break and crossover stuff.

'The Avantissimo is a design with which Audi consistently transposes the possibilities of the Avant concept into the luxury class .. . A decisive step into the future of Audi ', so the company wrote to me in its press release at the time.

Biturbo V8 with 430 PS

So what is left of the Audi Avantissimo, apart from a nice memory? Under the hood of the luxury liner hit a 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 with 430 hp and 600 Nm torque, as it could still be used today.

Coupled with a six-speed automatic, the transmission shoveled the engine power onto all four wheels, which were fitted with 255 x 740 x 560 tires. A continuously adjustable air suspension system made it possible to coordinate comfort and driving dynamics via MMI.

MMI? Yes, you read that right, THE Multi-Media-Interface made its debut at the Avantissimo. Other debutants included Pax bikes that could last up to 200 kilometers at 80 km /h without air pressure, an air pressure control system and the electro-hydraulic parking brake. ESP, brake assist, bi-xenon double headlights and cornering lights? A point of honor.

The tailgate opens automatically

And that bum! You might patting him lovingly, but you couldn't touch him ‘. The access to the wood-paneled rear compartment, which was later only to be the trunk, opened and closed via remote control. And what later only wanted to be a roofwas a glass landscape at the Audi Avantissimo. Not just any glass, the Audi employees called it Varilite technology. Six segments, each of which could be dimmed independently of one another and which, thanks to the built-in photovoltaic elements, provided electricity for the parking ventilation. And when it got dark in the Audi Avantissimo, indirect lighting in the roof created the right feel-good atmosphere - and after 2001 we really could all have used it.


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