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Ford Westfalia Nugget Plus: Long wheelbase plus toilet

Ford Westfalia Nugget Plus
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A At the CMT 2018 in Stuttgart, Ford and Westfalia will present the classic campervan in a long version for the first time with the new Nugget Plus. The basis of the new variant is the Ford Transit Custom Kombi 340 L2, which with an additional 367 mm wheelbase offers more space for additional equipment. A newly designed high roof rounds off the visual appearance harmoniously.

The extended wheelbase allows the installation of a toilet in the rear for the first time.

Inside is the proven nugget -The two-room concept retained in the new version, but has been given decisive functional additions with an additional 36 centimeters of interior length: For the first time, the rear of the vehicle offers a permanently installed toilet screened off with privacy screens, while an additional folding sink is behind the kitchen block on the left hygiene decoupled from the kitchen sink.

More storage space in the rear

At the same time, the redesign of the extended rear area also allows for an increased volume of the storage cupboards. A sliding door on the passenger side and a swinging rear door provide access to the extended interior. The plus version of the Ford Nugget remains unchanged as a five-seater and offers two integrated Isofix brackets for child seats on its variable seat HP and 385 Nm as well as 170 HP and 405 Nm. As an alternative to the standard 6-speed manual transmission, an automatic transmission with six gears is also available for both power levels. The exhaust gas cleaning takes place via an SCR-Kat, the AdBlue tank holds 21 liters.

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