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Ford Transit Connect Taxi, Ford Fusion Hybrid Taxi (2018)

Two new Ford taxis for the US market
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  • Ford Transit Connect Taxi
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  • Off for Nissan NV200 as the sole New York taxi

F ure of its two new US taxi models, Ford claims particularly low fuel consumption. According to the strict EPA rating (Environmental Protection Agency), the taxi version of the Transit Connect with a 1.5-liter diesel engine should get by with 7.8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Ford will announce the final consumption in 2019.

Ford promises a wide, deep entry for the Transit Connect Taxi.

Taxi -Special features are the serial cabling for the connection of a taximeter and a preparation on the roof to be able to attach a taxi sign there. The Transit Connect Taxi can also be painted in US school bus yellow ex works.

In terms of size, the Ford Fusion is comparable to the European Ford Mondeo.

Sales of the two new Ford taxis will begin at the end of 2018.

Nissan USA
From 2011 on was the The New York Taxi and Limo Commission wanted the Nissan NV200 to be the car of choice for New York taxi drivers. Now the Commission has expanded the catalog of possible taxi models to 31. The NV200 is still there.

The New York Taxi and Limo Commission now has its Recommended list revised and expanded to 31 models. The NV200 is still included, but will become less important. The list includes models popular in the United States such as the Toyota Camry and Ford Taurus. 13 of the 31 models alone come from Toyota.

Drivers dissatisfied with Nissan NV200

The decision not to recommend the Nissan NV200 as the sole model was made according to New York Times by taxi drivers and welcomed their representatives. According to the daily newspaper, the drivers found the chassis uncomfortable and said that the consumption was too high. Often there would have been mechanical problems and that only four people could fit in the car was not enough for the drivers. The New York Times quotes 60-year-old Sergio Cabrera, who as a taxi driver switched to an NV200 after three Ford Crown Victoria in 2012. Cabrera says older people have had problems getting into the NV200. In addition, after every quarterly inspection required for taxis, he would have had to spend 1,500 dollars (around 1,300 euros) on repairs I have expanded the list of permitted taxi models. After all, the taxi industry in the USA is under massive pressure from travel agents such as Uber and Lift.

Vehicle service brokers are massively attacking New York taxi drivers. Also in order to alleviate the cost pressure, the taxi and limousine commission has more than thirty-fold the model range for taxi construction.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a ten-year contract with Nissan in 2011. Experts estimated that the contract was worth around a billion dollars. This contract is likely to continue, but is no longer worth a billion dollars.


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