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Ford Mustang conquers the world: best-selling sports car worldwide

Best seller Ford Mustang
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It is well received everywhere - the Ford Mustang. In Australia, the muscle car will be sold out until 2017. In China, no other sports coupe sold better than the Mustang in the fourth quarter of 2015. In France and Germany, the legendary pony car - now in its sixth generation - took the lead in the registration statistics for sports cars in March.

No question about it: the largest market is in the USA. In the land of unlimited possibilities, the Ford Mustang is sold over the counter like burgers, fries and chicken wings. Last month, 12,563 copies trotted to the happy buyers - more than the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger combined.

141,848 Ford Mustang sold worldwide

With all the good sales figures - whether national or international - it is hardly surprising that the Ford Mustang is ahead in a very special statistic from 2015. According to IHS Automotive registration data, it was the world's best-selling two-door sports car. A total of 141,848 vehicles were sold.

Around 110,000 of these were the coupé. According to the IHS data, this is also a record. No other sports coupé captured more customer hearts worldwide than the Ford Mustang Fastback last year. To put it into perspective: No other sports coupé is said to have otherwise exceeded the 100,000 mark.

Ford's strategy is paying off to stylize the Mustang into an even more global phenomenon. For example, the 6th generation is available for the first time in Germany via the Ford network. And not only through importers, as in the past. Ford is playing the Mustang card in 140 markets worldwide.

V8 and convertible popular in Germany

2016 the Ford Mustang could improve even further. The American carmaker draws its hopes from the fact that the Mustang was only on sale in many countries in the middle or towards the end of 2015. For example in important markets like Great Britain, as Ford writes. To date, around 16,600 customers in Europe have opted for one.

In Germany, the V8 is particularly popular. Sure, the price range between four-cylinder and V8 boilers is only 5,000 euros. What else the Germans are into: In an international comparison, particularly heavily on the convertible. No other country has such a high order rate for the Mustang without a roof. Every third person in this country chooses a Ford MustangConvertible.


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