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Ford Mustang at the 2010 Detroit Motor Show with a five-liter V8

Ford Mustang at the Detroit Motor Show 2010
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The Ford Mustang model year 2011, which is on the D etroit Motor Show celebrates its premiere, wears the Engine hood shaped even more strongly in front of you. The front apron is also more masculine. The headlights in their caves became smaller, the indicators integrated into the light units. Together with the flatter roof line and the further exhibited wheel arches, the pony car is gaining in presence.

The technology of the Ford Mustang . The wheel suspensions were stiffened, the dampers and springs retuned. The braking system has also increased; a Brembo sports braking system is available as an option. The steering is now electrically assisted depending on the speed.

New V6 and V8 engines

Ford has completely redesigned the engine range for the Mustang. The basic engine is an aluminum V6 with 3.7 liter displacement and 310 hp. Its 380 Nm torque can either fall through a six-speed automatic or a manual six-speed gearbox. The new top engine for the time being is a four-valve V8 with a displacement of five liters. This makes 418 hp and has a maximum torque of 528 Nm. The two six-speed gearboxes are also available here. Common to both engines is the variable valve control on the intake and exhaust side, which should contribute to the significantly reduced fuel consumption of the new engines.

A boss for the racetrack

Based on the Ford Mustang with the new five-liter V8, Ford is also showing the Mustang racing version Boss 302R in Detroit. Equipped with a reinforced manual gearbox, a modified cooling system, a racing exhaust, a roll cage, racing bucket seats, racing belts, a Brembo brake kit with racing ABS, and a Koni racing chassis, the Boss 302R should be competitive on the racetrack right from the factory.

In total, Ford Racing will only produce 50 Boss 302Rs. The delivery of the racer will start in the third quarter of 2010. Prices start at around 130,000 dollars. Ford has not yet announced prices for the production Mustang.


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