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Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 tuned by Clive Sutton to 800 PS

Clive Sutton
Sutton CS800 Top Marques Monaco
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C live Sutton, according to its own statements, London's largest luxury car Dealer, shows the second stage of its Mustang tuning program during the Top Marques in Monaco. Sutton has been offering customizations since 2016, and the output has now increased to 800 PS.

Compressor V8 with 800 PS

A compressor makes this possible. A charge air cooler, a new throttle valve housing and new injectors complement the performance-enhancing measure on the five-liter V8. The exhaust gases make the outlet through a larger exhaust system with four tailpipes, including sport cats. The engine almost doubles its output to 800 hp. The power is transmitted by a six-speed manual transmission. The only modification: A gear knob from the Ford Performance range.

Three-way adjustable chassis

The chassis is more flexible than the CS700, and it is also adjustable in three stages. In addition to the lowering, the 'Super Snake' hood characterizes the look of the strong Mustang. The front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser are made of carbon.

Price equivalent to 77,700 euros

Inside, the tuner installs the Recaro High Performance seats, which are not available in Great Britain, and provides them with their own seam. Carbon moldings upgrade the dashboard and a 1,100 watt audio system puts pressure on the ears. The Sutton CS800 costs the equivalent of 77,700 euros.


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