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Ford Mondeo seat rehearsal in Paris: On hold

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Seat test Ford Mondeo at the Paris Motor Show
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S even if the front end borrows from the Aston Martin design takes - who cares? After all, the British sports cars are generally considered to be timelessly elegant, which in the past could not be said about the mid-range model from Ford. In any case, the third generation looks very dynamic, maybe even aggressive, but in any case remains a stately car. In contrast to Opel, Ford does not get tangled up in the Kombi, called the tournament, in lifestyle, but rather in load carrier needs, at least that is revealed by a look into the rather stately cargo space. We are not yet allowed to look so closely or turn over, because the exhibit is a pre-production model, the security guard means with a grim expression, one or the other detail is probably not one hundred percent right.

Ford Mondeo with an elaborate cockpit

It doesn't matter, because the direction is clear - especially and especially in the cockpit. As always at trade fairs, the models presented do not spoil themselves and display the most luxurious equipment. With the Ford Mondeo, this means, among other things, lavishly dimensioned and comfortably padded leather seats. There is a large screen in the center console, which - in line with current industry trends - reacts to touch. Together with the otherwise deep black round instruments, it flares up after the ignition is activated. There is another display - at least with the Titanium equipment - between the instruments that, as usual, is operated via two steering wheel cursors. But apart from keeping your hands on the steering wheel, this offers no ergonomic advantage. Much better: said touchscreen with a clear structure at first glance. Let's see what's behind it - no, but rather only with the first driving report. There must be something new to report about the Mondeo next summer.


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