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Ford Granada 2.0: crime scene Duisburg - on Schimanski's footsteps

Hardy Mutschler
Ford Granada 2.0
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P privately he drives 17M and in service Ford Granada. He really does it in a gravel pit at the port, right in the first episode entitled Duisburg-Ruhrort. Desperately understeering, the light blue limousine defends itself against the high-speed drifts that Detective Chief Inspector Horst Schimanski mercilessly wrests from him. It's a two-liter four-cylinder - the Citroën CX came later. The stuffy Ford, so completely without ghia glamor and six-cylinder sound, a hero of the skilled worker class, simply suited the area better than the French avant-garde.

Buy a Granada for little money and travel to Duisburg with it , on a currywurst tour, culinary homage to the immortal Horst with the wrinkled jacket, that's it. And we don't tell women anything. Internet research, there is one in Cologne - at Auto Mobile Cuffaro in Deutz, 590 euros, ready to drive, TÜV until June. It is our candidate, we risk the confirmation of purchase by fax. My friend Christoph is coming with me, he can screw things up if something happens. He is a Schimanski fan and has all the episodes on video. Likes Zabou best in the theatrical version, but also thinks 'Two Kinds of Blood' is great.

Emergency car: Granada without extras except power steering

What should happen: carburetor, zero electronics, rear-wheel drive , no extras except power steering. And where there is nothing, nothing can break. Salvatore speaks of the North Cape or Sicily without hesitation, but Duisburg - Stuttgart would be a piece of cake. He apologizes with the weather that the grumpy OHC engine does not idle at first. We think the car is great.

It's raining cats and dogs, the four-cylinder OHC engine sounds grumpy, as if it had been woken from its deep sleep. Reluctantly, he sucks the cold, damp air through his Weber twin carburetor. Across from the Esso gas station, we first tear off the seat covers and suck up the cigarette butts and crown caps that are still in the door pockets.

15 years after the last crime scene flap fell, we go on a search for clues to the city of Montan on the Rhine and Ruhr. Does the old Duisburg still exist, the shabby, beautiful, wonderfully morbid that captivated TV viewers 29 times on Sundays between 1981 and 1991? The city where a policeman behaved himself with questionable methods like an ax in the forest and his tender-tempered colleague Christian Thanner often pleaded: “Listen, you can't do that” or threatened “Listen, you should go to theOld people come ”. It should be a milieu study from the angular cockpit of the Granada, with currywurst stalls, drinking halls, docks and coking plants. Sulphurous air in Bruckhausen, Turkish bridal fashions in Marxloh, gray-brown water around the scrap island in Ruhrort and a few streets further the erotic palace of porn queen Helen Duval.

On the A3, we don't yet know what to expect. The Ford now takes the gas cleanly, explains how its own cruise control 120 km /h to the favorite speed - four-speed, of course. Despite structural change, Duisburg is still the largest steel location in Europe, Thyssen-Krupp keeps the Beeckerwerth, Bruckhausen and Ruhrort plants under the fiery glow of the Thomas pear.

Duisburg without steel, that would be like Paris without the Eiffel Tower

On the A40 we take the Kasslerfeld exit, the only color spot in this late winter dreary harbor is the soft green of the bonnet. Like Schimanski, we have decided to only eat currywurst. But the Duisburg of today is no longer the Duisburg of the eighties. It's nicer, different, doesn't smell like Maloche anymore. The gaps in industrial plants that have been cleared have become larger, the port has changed its face between Schwanentorbrücke and Schifferstrasse. Towers made of glass and aluminum have displaced the morbid silos and offices. Old brick buildings have turned into expensive lofts.

The city grill in Steinschen Gasse is our first destination. Well-tended snack stand, wide range, friendly service, they speak German: two currywurst with french fries and mayo please. 'Makes ninety-four, big forks ten cents extra,' echoes from the kitchen. Three men are already standing in line - the shop is booming, the rain is pouring down. The hard M + S tires made the Granada involuntarily drift on basalt pavement earlier.

'Yes, Schimanski, who was often here with the whole film team back then, was a great time,' explains the older of the two Ladies from the City Grill while she swirls and salted the fries in the stainless steel tub. “He drove an old Ford too, twenty years ago - I was still young then. And he already has charm, Götz George, that's not just the chubby macho he plays. “

We choose them Northern route - via Ruhrort, Laar, Beeck

Past the König brewery, the path leads us towards Bruckhausen to Marxloh and Walsum. The Granada conveys a feeling of security in this not so ideal world with its shabby houses, gritty road tunnels and steaming cooling towers. You sit comfortably, the feeling of space is much better than in the new cars, the clarity is perfect. The economical four-cylinder now runs more freely, Christoph turns it lively, sometimes the clutch plucks.

In Bruckhausen, in front of the imposing backdrop of the ThyssenKrupp steelworks, we stop at a drinking hall on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse. 'Do you also have currywurst here?'“No, just sausage,” Demir, the Turkish kiosk owner, answers in a friendly manner. 'But very good and very thick'. So two bockwurst with bread rolls. We bite heartily, the hot mustard brings tears to your eyes. “What do you have a five old car?” Asks an elderly man in casual clothing very directly while sipping his coffee next door.

Here the people are like that, in three minutes he will be offering us you and later shake his head when he hears that we are on a currywurst tour through Duisburg. Suddenly the man in the house suit blossoms. Wolfram-Erwin Ott eloquently describes that he had an extra role in the Schimanski episode 'The Girl on the Staircase'. 'You, dat is absolutely right.'

In a bar scene with angry citizens, he shouted the one sentence that unfortunately did not make him famous: 'Schimmi, get off to Monte Carlo!' We hear stunned and only go when he begins to tell of his life that he used to be very wealthy. The word “millionaire” comes before he talks about divorce and crash. We believe the extras, not only because he suddenly thinks Granada is great.

“Schimanski and Thanner were often there”

In Marxloh, next to the bar table in Peter Pomm's Pusztettenstube, Schimanski is picking us up long shadow again. On the tiled wall over two portions of currywurst with french fries hangs an autograph board with coarse-grained color photos by Götz George and Eberhard Feik: 'Back then, they were here more often when we still had our branch on Weseler Straße,' calls Christine from her sizzling stainless steel kitchen /p>

Three kilometers further we are stranded on Römerstrasse in Duisburg-Farn in front of a dreary drinking hall, we don't want to go any further north - Hochfeld and Rheinhausen are still waiting. There is no sausage in the Walsum kiosk, instead a cornetto strawberry and a Snickers. For a bunch of boys in soccer jerseys, we're giving out a round of sweets. Most speak the Ruhrpott dialect: “Schimanski, never heard of it, who should be dat? But the old car is awesome. “


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