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Ford Focus RS500 at the AMI in Leipzig: Limited over-Ford with 350 PS

Ford Focus RS500 at the AMI in Leipzig
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Already the Ford Focus RS with its 305 hp didn't have to hide from the competition รก la Golf R, the AMI Premiere RS500 will certainly scare the top golfers. Not only does Ford get more horsepower from the 2.5-liter turbo, the Focus RS500 is also allowed to put 460 Nm of torque - a plus of 20 Nm - on the crankshaft.

Ford Focus RS500: The over-Ford runs up to 265 things

So pimped up, the RS500 should sprint from zero to 100 km /h in 5.6 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than the Ford Focus RS. The Top-Focus has a top speed of 265 things (RS 263 km /h). For comparison, the VW Golf R develops 270 HP with a maximum torque of 350 Nm. The VW Golf R completes the sprint to 100 km /h in 5.7 seconds and the end of the acceleration aria should be at 250 things.

For the increased power output, a larger charger and air filter, a modified fuel pump and a modified engine management system responsible. In addition, the Cologne-based company has given the RS500 a limited-slip differential.

N navigation device and full leather interior are the only extras

The equipment of the Mega-Focus also includes the cool matt black paint, 19-inch wheels in multi-spoke optics with 235/35 tires, red brake calipers, park pilot, two-zone air conditioning, CD changer, tire pressure monitor and sports seats in partial leather. A sticker in the interior shows the respective serial number of the limited Ford Focus RS 500. The only extras that Ford offers are a full leather interior in red and a touchscreen navigation system. The base price for the Ford Focus RS500, which is celebrating its premiere at the AMI in Leipzig, is 46,050 euros. It is also clear which European country will receive how many Ford Focus RS500 models. Of the 500 copies 55 copies go to Germany, 50 copies to Switzerland, 32 to Austria, 56 copies, Belgium /Luxembourg 50 copies and the majorityModel goes to Great Britain with 101 models. A total of 20 European markets are served.


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