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Ford Focus Electric: Electric drive in focus

Ford Focus Electric at the Detroit Motor Show
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M the Ford Focus Electric is now daring also Ford into the field of electric vehicles. However, the compact should not remain the only electric car in the portfolio. The Detroit-based company is planning a total of five new electric models for the USA and Europe by 2013.

For the technology of the Ford Focus Electric, the manufacturer relies on lithium-ion batteries that it has developed in-house, which can only be used in should be charged for three to four hours at a 240 volt socket. The E-Focus can also handle a 120 volt connection. An on-board voltage converter converts the alternating current into direct current, which flows into the liquid-cooled and -heated battery packs.

Ford Focus Electric helps to save energy

To increase the capacity of the energy storage system as efficiently as possible use, the engineers have developed a special information system for the Ford Focus Electric. The driver is informed about the current state of charge of the batteries on large displays. In addition, the current range is constantly calculated depending on the driving style.

The special touchscreen navigation system in the Ford Focus Electric not only shows the distance to the next charging station, but also checks whether the batteries have enough energy to to get to the entered destination. If the consumption is too high, the navigation system calculates an alternative 'eco route' with which you should still reach your destination.

Butterflies motivate you to drive more efficiently

The system also gives Tips on how to increase the usable range of the Ford Focus Electric. The amount of energy currently required by the individual consumers, for example for the air conditioning system, is displayed in detail. In the form of butterflies on the display, the driver is motivated to drive as efficiently as possible.

At the end of every trip, the system in the Ford Focus Electric also provides a precise analysis of the distance covered, the additional kilometers gained through the generation of braking energy, the energy used and the fuel saved by the electric drive.

Without shifting to 136 km /h

With the Ford Focus Electric, Ford not only wants to put a savings master on the wheels, but a full-fledged car. In addition to reliability and operational safety, driving pleasure should not be neglected either. The single-speed gearbox accelerates the compact model immediately andgently to a top speed of 136 km /h. Thanks to improved aerodynamics, the Ford Focus Electric is said to be more efficient in terms of consumption than the competing model Chevrolet Volt.

In terms of safety, the E-Focus has six airbags and traction control on board as standard. The basic equipment of the Ford Focus Electric also includes 17 inch rims, an MP3-compatible Sony CD audio system and a navigation system with voice control.

Ford Focus Electric is coming to Europe in 2012

Still In the second half of 2011, the Michigan-built Ford Focus Electric will be available from dealers in the USA. It is not yet clear in which factory the European model will be manufactured. In 2012, the Ford electric age begins in this country too. The manufacturer has not yet announced a price for the Ford Focus Electric.


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