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F for the new body kit for the Focus 3 ST worked JMS cooperates with the Stoffler company. The kit consists of a front spoiler (249 euros), a set of sill trims (199 euros, only fit on original ST sills) and a rear apron for tournament & hatchback in the version with a central exhaust (tournament: 369 euros, hatchback: 299 euros) . A Stoffler exhaust system with 120x80 mm central tailpipes (1,099 euros) ensures an adequate sound and a new roof spoiler (219 euros) for more downforce.

The The Stoffler company contributed a new exhaust system.

Focus is lowered

JMS recommends the perfect wheel /tire combination four Barracuda Shoxx racing rims in 8x19 inch format (329 euros per rim) with 235 /35R19 tires. Lowering the Focus (by 50 mm on the front axle and 40 mm on the rear axle) is carried out by a KW coilover kit (from 1,099 euros). For Ford enthusiasts and tuning freaks, there is also the new catalog with tuning and accessories for 2016.


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