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Ford F150 Raptor on test drive: the predatory dinosaur roars again

Ford F150 Raptor in Detroit
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D he salami tactic continues. At the NAIAS in Detroit, Ford first showed the new Raptor in early 2015. The four-door version is now following at this year's Detroit auto show. But before customers can drive such a power pickup, it will be autumn 2016. Raptor, the car with the name of a voracious dinosaur, is the fun version of the full-size Ford F150 pickup and is already made fit for difficult terrain with a number of conversions at the factory .

Fat race truck

The intellectual background behind the development of the Ford F150 Raptor are the American Bajas, extremely fast and demanding desert races, which are all about powerful power and indestructible chassis arrives. Accordingly, the Ford F150 Raptor was previously equipped with the heavy 6.2-liter V8, which roared with the sound of 411 PS from the arm-thick exhaust pipe.

That is over for the time being, because the new Ford F150 Raptor gets the new 3.5-liter V6 Ecoboost engine, which is said to have a higher output than the previous V8. How much, Ford still does not want to reveal - the talk is of over 500 hp. In the standard version in the series F150, the V6 engine has an output of 365 hp. The new V6 turbo gasoline engine in the Ford Raptor is coupled to a new ten (!) Speed ‚Äč‚Äčautomatic.

With the four-door version, Ford is now for the first time adding a Raptor in the (US) family format. The 'Supercrew' does not do without loading space, it has been stretched compared to the one-and-a-half cabin: The wheelbase of the Ford Raptor Supercrew is 3.68 meters, around 30 centimeters more than the shorter Supercab Raptor and thus the middle of the five available F150 wheelbases. The length of the four-door Ford Raptor increases to 5.9 meters.

The new six-cylinder Raptor should be around 25 percent faster than the previous model. Ford is referring to a 1,800-kilometer test marathon in the southwestern United States. The new model achieved these correspondingly better lap times on a test course over 100 kilometers long, which is supposed to map the routes of the Mexican Baja races. The prototype is said to have reached a top speed of over 160 km /h and an average speed of 80 km /h - off-road, mind you.

Ford F150 Raptor now with V6

The chassis Ford has further improved. It comes from Fox and should now have even more suspension travel and more reservesOffer racing demands. The frame is specially reinforced for the Ford F150 Raptor and, according to Ford, is the most robust variant in the entire F150 range. The Raptor is 150 millimeters wider than the standard F150 and stands on 17-inch wheels with BF Goodrich off-road tires.

Also new here are beadlock rims that can be delivered ex works, in which the tire is screwed to the rim ring. This allows driving in sand and mud with extremely low air pressure.

As with the frame specially prepared for the Raptor, the engine of the off-road truck has also been trimmed for more power. The new transfer case distributes the power between the axles as required, and there are also newly coordinated terrain control programs, including a 'Baja mode' for high-speed desert travel. An automatic Torsen differential lock for the front axle is available, and a lock is installed as standard on the rear axle.

The new Ford F150 Raptor is also equipped with LED lighting and an external camera system. In a roof console there are prepared switches for accessories that can be retrofitted, such as additional lights or a compressed air compressor.


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