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Ford F-Series Super Duty 2017: The Train Monster

Ford F-Series Super Duty Pickup 2017
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W as for a crusher! Ford's large super-duty models from the USA have nothing to do with the Ford Ranger pickups we know. It seems like a comparison between David and Goliath - especially with the new Ford F-450.

The Ford F-Series is the best-selling car in the USA, but the 'smaller' versions of the F-150. While the can be equipped with every imaginable luxury to create a giant cuddly cave for families if required, the Superduty models are real workhorses. Which of course does not mean that there is no plush and pomp in the cabin for the big things.

Almost 15 tons of trailer load

With the 2017 model update, Ford is once again causing a sensation and demanding for itself to be “best in class” in many aspects. For example, with the normal trailer load, which is an immodest 9.5 tons. The attribute “normal” comes from the fact that the American full-size trucks are also often used as a kind of semi-trailer truck. The trailers are connected to a mounting in the middle of the loading area via a trailer coupling called a “gooseneck”. For such trailers, the maximum tensile load is now 14.7 tonnes ...

In general, the pickup, which is up to 6.7 meters long, depending on the version, is not a child of sadness. Neither in terms of the engine (6.2 liter petrol engine or 6.7 liter turbodiesel, both of course V8) nor in terms of power and torque. In the case of the gasoline engine, it is just about lush (390 hp, 550 Newton meters). When it comes to diesel, it's just scary: 1,166 Newton meters of torque, 446 hp maximum output.

Ford F-Series Super Duty 2017

There is a maximum of 3.5 tons of payload (yes, Payload) hardly any. Ford supplies the Super Duty series with five different wheelbases (3.5 to 4.3 meters), three different sized cabins (whereby even the smallest under European standards is a two-room apartment) and correspondingly numerous loading space lengths. No prices have been given for the 2017 model year. The current 2016 version starts at around 29,400 euros (before taxes) for the Super Duty 250 XL. The top version, the Super Duty F-450 Platinum, has a cost price of around 64,740 euros.


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