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Ford F-150 Pickup Convertible: The longest convertible in the world

Newport Convertible Engineering
Ford F-150 Pickup Convertible
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N ewport Convertible Engineering is the name of the company from the Huntington Beach, California, and the name says it all. Because a convertible, in German convertible, make the American braggart out of practically everything that their customers deliver. From Rolls to Ferrari to Maybach, they were already using tin snips. The youngest member of the group is now the F-150, America's best-selling car, a full-size pickup by profession.

Six and a half meter convertible

The giant pickup that, depending on the variant, can expand up to 6.4 meters long, definitely has enough of one thing: space. Worries with the backbenchers? No space in the trunk? Does the dog have to stay at home? Know convertible drivers from Europe. You don't have to worry about that with the F-150 Convertible - its center console alone has more storage space than an SLK loading compartment with the sheet metal roof open.

A pickup is actually ideal for subsequent cutting work on the fresh air vehicle. The passenger cabin is comparatively compact, the 'trunk' is attached to the rear separately. And thanks to the ladder frame as a supporting element, you don't have to worry as much about the final stability of the meat victim. Nevertheless, Newport Convertible leaves the B-pillar in the form of a roll bar in use, which not only provides stability, but also support for the cloth cap.

Rustic design

The classic convertible top The scissor mechanism opens and closes electrically, and a fabric-covered strip is mounted on the windshield to make the transition look more harmonious. The version with exposed linkage mechanism looks a bit sleek, but it doesn't seem to harm the function. In a good 13 seconds, the fabric roof folds back and then rests almost horizontally on the edge of the bed, so it hardly disturbs the silhouette of the pickup. To again? Ten seconds. Both open and closed, the convertible top looks quite harmonious, which is not always the case with a subsequent conversion.

Newport Convertibles offers convertible conversion for all owners of the current Ford F-150 with a double cabin on, prices are available on request. In addition to its headquarters in California, the company also has branches in Michigan, Toronto, Barcelona and Dubai.


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