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Ford F-150 at SEMA 2015: Great tuning for the giant truck

Ford F-150 at SEMA 2015
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A merika's most popular car is the Ford F- 150. Not only the best-selling, but overall the Ford F-150, which is up to 7.6 meters long, depending on the version, is quite a lot of vehicle. A correspondingly large number of them will also be represented at the, once again superlative, largest tuning fair in the world: at SEMA 2015, which opens exclusively to trade visitors on November 3rd. The organizers are expecting over 2,300 exhibitors in Las Vegas this year, another record.

Ford F-150 at SEMA 2015

In contrast to the Europeans, the US Automobile manufacturers are actively involved when tuning companies work on their products and expressly support such projects. Accordingly, Ford has now presented the first concepts from well-known tuning manufacturers, which the audience can marvel at at SEMA 2015.

There is something for every taste: from the raised all-terrain animal to the family-friendly everyday cruiser with extra muscles to the lowrider with an extra portion of bling-bling. What exactly the Ford tuners are driving up at SEMA 2015 is shown in our photo show.


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