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Ford C-Max Hybrid at the Detroit Motor Show

Ford C-Max Hybrid in Detroit
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Ford C-Max Hybrid is the name of the new eco-friendly snack that Ford is presenting to American customers in Detroit. Together with the C -Max Energi , whose batteries can also be charged via an external power connection, the US automaker is showing two environmentally friendly drive variants in its van Great.

Ford C-Max Hybrid helps with braking

As with other hybrid models, an additional electric drive supports the combustion engine when starting off and in city traffic. In contrast to the Energi, the Ford C-Max Hybrid rolls to the dealers with conventional hybrid technology. The lithium-ion battery packs in the rear cannot be charged by plugging in the power supply, but only while driving.

Here, braking energy is converted into electrical energy and fed back into the circuit. To give the driver tips on how to brake correctly, a so-called 'Brake Coach' was built into the Ford C-Max Hybrid. Thanks to useful tips on the display, the driver should charge the energy storage system more efficiently and reduce brake wear.

Consumption below 5.73 liters

The owner can also use the displays on his ' Long-term efficiency '. Those who do not move the Ford C-Max Hybrid too fast will be rewarded in the form of sprouting grapevines. The more economical the driver is with the accelerator, the greener and lush the plants are on the display.

Since the Ford C-Max Hybrid will not be available from US dealers until next year (Europe: 2013), the manufacturer does not yet want to provide precise information on consumption. According to the internal targets, however, the compact van should undercut its sister model Ford Fusion Hybrid. The sedan, which is already on the market, manages with 5.73 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

The Ford C-Max Hybrid also drives purely electrically

Another goal with the Ford C-Max Hybrid is to extend the total range to over 800 kilometers. If the batteries are well filled, a purely electric driving style at more than 75 km /h should be possible. The European version of the slightly aerodynamically optimized Ford C-Max Hybrid is manufactured in Valencia, Spain.


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