For sale now: Fiat Doblo

For sale now: Fiat Doblo
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E in a high roof combination, usually a favorite of craftsmen and families, Selling it as a lifestyle car means the marketing department has to pull out all the stops.

The interior of the Fiat Doblo has gained in charisma

In the case of Fiat the new Doblò dances three-dimensionally in front of the crowd of journalists, wants to be the cool one among the panel vans. Later, without the 3D glasses, it still doesn't feel like a moving designer sofa on the road, but the impression is positive. Even with the predecessor with the loveless hard plastic interior in mind, you can feel the progress as soon as you get in. The materials do not look noble, but they are chic and neatly processed. At the start, the 1.3-liter basic diesel welcomes its driver with a neat nail despite the common rail technology. It is the only one of the three diesel engines on offer that does not meet the Euro 5 standard and will be replaced later this year.

Start-stop system for all Fiat Doblo engines

Actually, Fiat only keeps the economical unit in its range because the Fiat Doblò is less than 130 g CO2 /km, giving Italian buyers great tax benefits. Since the 130 g CO2 /km limit is irrelevant in Germany, the modern, 105 hp 1.6 Multijet is more recommended, with 15 more hp giving the Doblò noticeably more dynamism. The petrol engine is only available with a 1.4 liter vacuum cleaner with 95 hp. It's enough for the city, but it's quite loud and unwilling to turn. All engines of the Fiat Doblò are equipped as standard with a start-stop system that automatically switches off the engine when the clutch is disengaged at the traffic lights. A natural gas version will follow at a later date.

The Fiat Doblo has grown in all directions

Even the first Italian manhole covers show that the investment in a new platform has paid off. The suspension comfort of the Fiat Doblò, which only took over three percent of the parts from its predecessor, is noticeably better thanks to the complex multi-link rear axle. The good impression is also confirmed on the autobahn: wind and engine noises are hardly a problem even at higher speeds. The handling is safe even when cornering quickly, ESP is now standard. The following applies to the space available: Itcan be a little more everywhere. The new Fiat Doblò is 27 millimeters higher, 137 longer and 67 wider than its predecessor. The trunk volume grows to an impressive 790 liters. For comparison: A Renault Kangoo holds 660 liters. Another plus point: Practical sliding doors make getting into the rear easier. However, the rear seat cannot be moved.

The Fiat Doblo is not suitable as a designer piece

The size of the Fiat Doblò, however, also has its pitfalls. The tailgate, which is pulled down low, is so long that you need a good distance to the person behind you when parking. It is also likely to hit the ceiling in low parking garages. It is incomprehensible that the asymmetrically split rear door of the commercial vehicle variant Fiat Doblò Cargo was not used. With prices starting at 15,450 euros, the new Fiat will be 2,400 euros more expensive, but at the same time much more spacious and significantly better in quality. It's just not really good as a designer piece. But does he even have to?


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