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Flixbus tests electric long-distance buses

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S e Munich-based company Flixbus has been on the market since 2013. The Passenger Transport Act banned long-distance bus routes that were in direct competition with railway lines or existing bus routes until the end of 2012. It was mainly used as a feeder for airports or traditionally on routes to and from Berlin.

Flixbus started with some connections in southern Germany at the beginning of 2013 and grew quickly, also beyond Germany's borders. In 2014, MeinFernbus, a far larger competitor in terms of the number of passengers, was taken over and has been the market leader in the European long-distance bus market since then. The conspicuously yellow Postbuses no longer exist either, because this brand was also incorporated into Flixbus.

, explains J├╝rgen Engert in an interview with Wired.

With this one could probably plan longer tours during them the driver can keep his rest times on board, or develop new business models that provide, for example, that the driver who is not employed on the motorway can sell on board or the like.

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