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Fisker Thunderbolt is not built: Aston Martin and Fisker agree out of court

Henrik Fisker
Fisker Thunderbolt will not be built
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Aston Martin withdraws lawsuit against Fisker

In a short statement it says that they have them Differences settled amicably and quickly. The agreement between Fisker and Aston Martin remains confidential except for 3 points:

1 . Henrik Fisker has decided not to produce the Thunderbolt project.
2. Aston Martin will withdraw the lawsuit they filed on March 26, 2015.
3. After some misunderstandings surrounding the lawsuit, it is clarified that that the contracting parties confirm the amicable settlement and resolve the misunderstandings associated with the lawsuit.

In mid-March 2015, Henrik Fisker showed the Thunderbolt based on an Aston Martin Vanquish at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. This study was seen as a modern take on Aston Martin design. The Thunderbolt received a body made entirely of carbon fiber laminate, a new chassis setup with lowering by 15 mm and 21-inch alloy wheels.

Furthermore, Fisker redesigned the radiator grille, gave the model a glass roof and new fenders and headlights. The bonnet, rear window and taillights were also redesigned by him, as was the interior. Originally, the Fisker Thunderbolt was only supposed to be a study, but Fisker announced a production at Galpin Auto Sports if interested parties were found


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