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Fisker Atlantic in New York: Electric car with ground connection

Fisker Atlantic at the New York Auto Show
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M ith the first work Karma, Fisker aimed at this High-price segment, because the sporty luxury sedan with electric drives and range extender costs well over $ 100,000. In order to bring electric mobility à la Fisker to the masses, the US car manufacturer has now developed the Fisker Atlantic, which will debut as a prototype at the New York Auto Show.

Fisker Atlantic with more everyday usability

The Fisker Atlantic also wants to be a four-door, four-seater sports sedan, and its design is based heavily on its big brother Karma, but many details are much more suitable for everyday use. The targeted family clientele should be able to enjoy a large tailgate and foldable rear seats. A higher roofline promises more headroom. The filigree braced glass roof also serves the same purpose. Less length should make the Fisker Atlantic more agile. Leather, high-quality plastics and metal surfaces pamper you in the interior.

Fisker Atlantic costs around 50,000 euros

The drive concept sets the scene in the Fisker Atlantic on electric motors - the Atlantic can optionally be ordered with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive - a lithium-ion battery stowed in the center tunnel and a BMW four-cylinder petrol engine as a range extender. The Fisker Atlantic should travel around 50 kilometers purely electrically. The manufacturer still owes further information.

The Fisker Atlantic should then come on the market in 2014. In terms of price, the target corridor is around $ 50,000, and the planned annual production is 100,000 vehicles.


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