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First ADAC Deutschland Klassik from June 24th to 27th, 2010

First ADAC Deutschland Klassik from 24. to 27. June 2010
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Z u the more than 100 participants of the ADAC Deutschland Klassik belongs to ADAC President Peter Meyer from Mülheim, who competes in a post-yellow Volkswagen' Fridolin 'from the Autostadt Wolfsburg.

What can you imagine walking with a vintage car?

Peter Meyer : Walking with a vintage car was about 80, 90 years ago
groomed. Back then there were even makes that were called Wanderer.
Oldtimer hiking today stands for a culture.

What distinguishes this culture?

Peter Meyer : Old-timer hiking is fascinating because of the way of traveling: Our basic tenor is always: Enjoyment takes time. When it comes to classic car hikes, it is not the timekeeper or the hectic pace that determines what is happening. Determine the process
rather, leisurely and in a good mood with historical and classic automobiles
explore the impressive landscape stress-free. For us, WP is not an abbreviation for evaluation test, but rather for a break from hiking. The cultural and gastronomic highlights of the respective region are not neglected.

Since when and where has Europe's largest automobile club been running classic car tours?

Peter Meyer : On the occasion of its 100th birthday in 2003, the ADAC rediscovered this pleasurable form of automobile transport and has been successfully cultivating it since then at the ADAC Trentino Classic. It is a rediscovery of slowness and it is very popular. We are constantly overbooked. That is why we launched the ADAC Deutschland Klassik.

What spoke in favor of allowing the premiere in the Ruhr area

Peter Meyer : In a moment First of all: Not because I'm at home in Mülheim. I am of course pleased that my homeland was able to take on the role of host for the premiere of the ADAC Deutschland Klassik. The reason for this was in particular that Essen had been named European Capital of Culture 2010. The
choice could not have been any other than the Ruhr area.

Is the ADAC Deutschland Klassik now held every year in the Ruhr?

Peter Meyer : No, by no means. The title refers to a Germany-wide
event. In future, the ADAC Deutschland Klassik will be held in a different region every year and organized by regional clubs. In 2010, the ADAC Nordrhein, ADAC Westfalen and ADAC Ostwestfalen-Lippe will jointly judgeour oldtimer hiking out. Next year it's North Baden.

What moved the ADAC that they chose this region?

Peter Meyer : There's a great reason for that. The 125th birthday of the automobile will be celebrated there in 2011. In North Baden, Carl Benz patented his motor vehicle in 1886 and presented it to the astonished public on July 3. The ADAC Deutschland Klassik will start and finish in Karlsruhe from June 30th to July 3rd. As in this year, unforgettable impressions await the participants.


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