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Fire hazard: Porsche calls 911 and 718 to the workshop

Rossen Gargolov
Porsche calls 911 and 718 into the workshop
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S screw easy at Porsche: Of all things the power manifolds just before the injection injectors are screws that could tear. As a result, the screw connection could loosen and gasoline would leak out. So far this has happened in 5 cases. The vehicles smelled of petrol.

Kapo St. Gallen
Porsche had problems recently with the engine problems with the model 911 GT3; Occasionally vehicles caught fire.

Owners of 911 Carrera, 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman should park their car in such a case and the Inform the workshop.

Since the possible leak is close to the engine, it cannot be ruled out that the fuel will ignite and the vehicle catches fire, Porsche confirmed to auto motor und sport when asked.

Porsche is changing the fastening of the fuel collecting pipes

That is why Porsche will check 2,576 cars of the types mentioned in the workshop in Germany alone and, if necessary, replace the fastening screws with optimized screws. However, in view of the installation position of the boxer engines, the exchange is likely to be complex. A spokesman for the manufacturer said: “That can't be done in half an hour”.

Porsche emphasizes that this is purely a precautionary measure. The owners of the vehicles will be contacted directly by their responsible Porsche partner. The free workshop visit will take place as soon as possible by arrangement.

In the picture gallery we show Erlkönig photos of the hottest 911 future model, the GT2.


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