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A t the Saturday after the Veterama I got a new TV done, and that was a pretty good idea. Not only because the people in the lower part of the picture are no longer green as they were with the old tube set, but above all because I was the first to watch Helmut Deimel's new film 'Röhrl's Cat', and that now in a picture quality never imagined.

Elaborate: re-enacted accident scenes

Although the 86-minute journey through the rally career of the Regensburger could also be watched on an old black and white television, the mixture is so successful Interviews with Walter Röhrl (and his cat Lisa), his companions such as co-driver Christian Geistdörfer or Fiat technical director Giorgio Pianta, old rally photos and recreated scenes. Just the different scenes at Col de Turini, the mud battles in Africa or the fog soup in Arganil, Portugal, where Röhrl bagged his Fiat team-mate Markku Alen an incredible 4:40 minutes - simply wonderful. Of course, the conclusion at Pikes Peak is not missing either, and after the credits you have to hold back hard not to just look at the whole thing from the beginning. But wait: there are still 55 minutes of bonus material.

All you can say is: Buy, the next rainy Sunday is sure to come. Can be ordered for 29.90 euros at

Bonus DVD with previously unpublished rally scenes

The 55 minute bonus DVD includes an interview with Walter Röhrl , spectacular onboard shots from the Audi Sport Quattro S1, aerial shots from the Semperit Rally 1985 and the New Zealand Rally 1984, as well as a making-of of the film. The shooting of the re-enacted scenes is especially interesting.

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