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Fiat Toro Pickup: New truck for South America

Fiat Toro Pickup
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S South America is traditionally pick-up country - one also knows that at Fiat and has been represented with corresponding models for years. With the new Fiat Toro, the Italians are expanding their range at the top end.

Fiat Toro is almost 5 meters long

The new Fiat Toro, which is due to come onto the market in 2016, is taking over the technical platform of the Jeep Renegade, offers a payload of up to one ton and accommodates up to 5 passengers in its four-door cabin. The face of the almost 5 meter long Toro is characterized by a beefy, high front. The grille puts a big grin on the Toro's face. The extremely narrow headlights are connected with a chrome clip.

Lights continue to spread underneath. The chrome fog lights flank the front underride guard in the basement. The cabin roof is also equipped with a roof rail, the circumferential flanks have plastic protection elements.

The drive portfolio consists of a 132 hp 1.8-liter flexifuel petrol engine, which is coupled with a six-speed automatic and front-wheel drive, as well as a 170 hp two-liter turbo diesel that comes as a manual switch as a front or all-wheel drive and with a nine-speed automatic only as an all-wheel drive.

Fiat has not yet published any further data.


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