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Fiat Tipo prices: notchback sedan from 13,990 euros

Prices Fiat Notchback Limo
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A nder than in Germany, compact limousines are very much in many markets asked. Fiat is now meeting this demand with the new 'Aegera', which inherits the old Linea. With a length of almost 4.50 meters, a width of 1.78 meters and a height of 1.48 meters, the new Fiat 'Aegea' is fully within the range of its competitors. But the Aegea will only remain an Aegea on the Turkish market; the sedan will bear the revived name Fiat Tipo on all other markets.

Fiat Tipo with 510 liters of luggage space

The Tipo was developed , like its predecessor, in cooperation with the Turkish car manufacturer Tofas. The production site is also located in Bursa in Turkey. The design of the Tipo, however, comes from Italy.

liter version 120 hp. In the most economical version, the Tipo should get by with less than four liters. There is also a choice of two designs for the wheels in 16- and 17-inch format as well as four color variants for the interior.

The equipment options for the Fiat Tipo include a touchscreen, a reversing camera, and smartphone integration , Internet access, navigation system, hands-free system and various data interfaces.

The Fiat Tipo is available in the three equipment variants Pop, Easy and Lounge. Prices start at 13,990 euros for the 95 hp petrol engine. The 110-horsepower gasoline engine with automatic transmission costs at least 17,890 euros. The basic diesel with 95 hp is available from 15,990 euros, the top diesel with 120 hp costs at least 18,190 euros. Fiat offers quick-determined buyers a very special bonus. Anyone who decides on a Tipo by February 29, 2016 and trades in their own used car when buying them will save 2,000 euros.


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