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Fiat Tipo hatchback and station wagon: Bravo successor comes in 2016

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
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F iat is completely in the compact class new on. With the Tipo /Aegera, the Italians have already presented a notchback sedan. This is followed by a hatchback and a station wagon variant. The two new body variants are celebrating their premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. All three model versions share the same technology. As usual in this class, all body variants share the design features and are almost identical up to the B-pillar. The differentiation only takes place in the body area behind it. The steeply sloping rear of the hatchback is given a roof edge spoiler. The arched windows in the rear doors extend far into the C-pillars. With the Kombi SW, the roof line slopes slightly down to the rear, which is also extended here with a roof edge spoiler.

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Seat test Fiat Tipo station wagon

As it should be for a station wagon, we are primarily interested in the trunk of the strikingly drawn Italian: back-friendly height the loading sill, no loading threshold. The trunk floor can be raised and reveals a very neat storage compartment. Convenient: The raised floor easily engages and disengages in its top position. The Tipo Kombi cannot completely hide its competitive price in the interior, but we have nothing to complain about in the loading compartment. That's a lot of station wagon for the money.

The Tipo cockpit can't shine quite as well. The Italian smells a bit very new. The fabric seats optically offer lateral support, but in practice it is quite soft. In contrast, the steering wheel feels as if it was cast from hard plastic - a hand flatterer feels different. But we're not in a premium combination here either.

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
The steering wheel is hard, as if it were cast from hard plastic - a hand flatterer is different .

The headroom is okay at the front and rear, the legroom in the rear is only sufficient for tall people if the driver is not too big at the front. or passenger is seated.

Gregor Hebermehl

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Fiat Tipo SW, hatchback and sedan share engine range

The five-door Fiat Tipo with hatchback is 4.37 meters long, 1.79 Meters wide and 1.49 meters high. The station wagon is a full 20 centimeters longer (4.57 meters) and three centimeters higher (1.52 meters) due to the standard roof rails. The trunk volume - measured up to the lower edge of the window - is 420 liters in the hatchback, the station wagon swallows 520 liters. In both versions, the rear seat backrests can be folded down asymmetrically, creating a level load compartment floor that can also be lowered. The luggage compartment cover is located under the trunk floor.

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
There is only good news about the trunk : Back-friendly height of the loading sill, no loading threshold. The trunk floor can be raised and reveals a very neat storage compartment.

On the drive side, the new Tipo versions take over the units of the sedan. Depending on the market, it carries three petrol engines that produce 95 hp /125 Nm or 120 hp /206 Nm from a 1.4 liter displacement or 110 HP /152 Nm from a 1.6 liter displacement. The 120-hp petrol engine comes with a dual clutch transmission, the 110-hp petrol engine is combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. The two turbodiesel engines are equipped with MultiJet direct injection. The 1.3-liter variant produces 95 hp /200 Nm, the 1.6-liter version120 hp /320 Nm. A manual six-speed gearbox and an automated gearbox with double clutch, which also offers six gears, are available for the diesel engines.

The infotainment equipment with extensive connectivity and internet access is also taken over. The two new body variants of the Fiat Tipo like the sedan are built in Bursa, Turkey.

Fiat Tipo hatchback from 14,990 euros

The price list for the five-door hatchback version starts with the 95 hp Fiat Tipo 1.4 16V Pop at 14,990 euros. The medium equipment version Easy is available from 15,990 euros, the top version Lounge costs from 16,990 euros. The 120 hp turbo gasoline engine is available from 17,190 euros. For the diesel engines, the offer starts with the 95 hp 1.3 liter from 16,990 euros. The 1.6-liter diesel with 120 hp starts at 19,190 euros. Fiat charges 1,000 euros extra for the respective combination variants.


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