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Fiat / Abarth 124 reader Test Drive 2018

Dino Eisele
Readers Test Drive
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W what is perfect convertible weather? “Everything but rain /snow /hail” would be the short answer. The longer version, on the other hand, could read: “Warm, but not hot. Sunny but not frizzy. Explosive, but not stormy. And in between there would be a diffuse cloud canopy that would protect the skin from sunburn. ”

The conditions for the readers' drive from Fiat and auto motor und sport were exactly as described - ideal for the 124 Spider , with which 20 readers were allowed to stroll through the Rheingau. Whereby the word “strolling” doesn't really apply: It was more of a winding road trip through the hinterland of the Rheingau. Because on the well-trodden tourist paths directly along the Rhine, it was only possible during a short connecting stage. And then? Into the middle of the forest.

The sun shines golden

Does that sound like a dream trip? It was - for ten readers and their partners. They not only applied for the campaign advertised in auto motor und sport , they were also accepted. Yes, you have to be lucky. Or also: It has to work.

Then a perfect short vacation starts on the terrace of a Relais & Châteaux hotel, for example. With a view across vineyards into the Rhine Valley. Colored golden by the evening sun. And a glass of prosecco in hand. Running! It was no less dreamy. The view? As usual, but now colored even more deeply by the setting sun. And this indulgent scenario was accompanied by a perfectly medium grilled steak. Then, as a sweet finish, a strawberry variation. In between conversations, chatter, laughter.

“Have you been here and there before?” - “Ah, no, interesting. But have you ever thought about a trip to XYZ? ”The destinations flew ping-pong across the table, because the readers of auto motor und sport like to be on the move. The next morning it should be the hinterland of the Rheingau. Routes that no navigation device would ever recommend - far too narrow, far too deep in the forest, far too far away from common traffic arteries. Even the couple from neighboring Mainz were amazed at these previously unknown routes.


There was a choice of the Fiat 124 Spider with 140 hp and the Abarth version with 170 hp including sports suspension and exhaust. Its sound resoundedthen through the forest, was cause for euphoric enthusiasm. And everyone praised the challenging route. Because it went through curves, curves, curves. Only interrupted by pleasantly short straights. The rear-wheel drive was able to show what generations of sports drivers adore it for. The roadster concept could shine with its direct connection to the road and nature. And then one or the other thought loudly and for a long time whether one should not switch from the long-legged SUV to a flat open one after all. Of course!


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