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Fiat 500X Cross Plus in the driving report: off-road kissable ball

Fiat 500X Cross Plus in the driving report
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M accept the iconic small car Fiat 500 and leave it get taller and more masculine. What comes out The new Fiat 500X Cross Plus. The design of the four-door crossover is clearly based on the small two-door model, taking over, for example, the two headlights lying one below the other and the roof line. In the interior, too, the speedometer design and the three large buttons in the middle are reminiscent of its model. However, it shares the platform and some technical components with the also new Jeep Renegade.

Fiat 500X Cross Plus costs from 31,400 euros

So belongs to the two-liter turbo diesel of the Fiat 500X Cross Plus a four-wheel drive plus nine-speed automatic transmission. The four-cylinder pushes forward evenly and with good torque, the gear changes always run smoothly and quickly. Due to the wide spread of the transmission, the speed and therefore the noise level remain pleasantly low. This is particularly popular on longer journeys, although the firm suspension reduces the driving comfort somewhat.

The 500X shows its off-road capabilities with a special bumper, underride protection at the front and rear and 18 centimeters of ground clearance. But that has its price: The top version Fiat 500X Cross Plus is available from 31,400 euros.


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