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Fiat 500 for the USA: The cult ball can be ordered

Fiat 500 for the USA
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D he Fiat sister brand Chrysler published on Wednesday (17.11. ) the complete list of dealers. The compact car in retro design is intended to close a gap in the Chrysler model range and to build on the interim successes of the competing Mini from BMW.

US small car boom has already subsided

Fiat is the fifth brand in the group alongside Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and the Ram trucks. However, many experts doubt that the small Italian-style cars will reach US customers. Because they are more into huge SUVs, pick-up trucks and limousines.

The small car boom from times of high fuel prices has subsided since petrol has become cheap again. The liter costs the equivalent of about a quarter of the German price in the USA. The mini-sales are continuously shrinking; sales of the Mercedes two-seater Smart have even collapsed.

Chrysler dealers had also complained in advance about the conditions for Fiat sales. One of the requirements was to set up extra sales rooms. That goes for the money - and after the crisis year 2009 with the Chrysler near bankruptcy, many dealers are bare.

Chrysler should earn money again with Fiat technology

Fiat controls Chrysler after its bankruptcy . The Italian Sergio Marchionne runs both companies in personal union. Sales have been rising for a few months now, but Chrysler has not yet made any money. Recourse to Fiat technology should turn the tide.

The Fiat 500 rolls off the assembly line at Chrysler's Toluca plant in Mexico. The 1.4-liter engine, which is tiny by US standards, is produced at Chrysler's Dundee plant in the US state of Michigan.


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