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Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta: This is the open super sports car

Stefan Baldauf
Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta
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Shortly after the presentation of the L aFerrari In 2013, insiders rumored that a Spider variant would soon follow. Then it remained quiet for a long time. Until March 2016, selected Ferrari customers received an invitation for a private presentation of the LaFerrari Aperta.

Kane & Co.
The LaFerrari is available as 1:43 for $ 430 -Model.
Gregor Hebermehl
Overview to the back is not available.

Spurned collector sues Ferrari

The technical data for the open LaFerrari initially remained sparse. In a short announcement it only says that the limited edition sports car is available with a hard top made of carbon and with a soft top. Furthermore, “numerous major interventions were made on the bodywork and on the aerodynamics in order to ensure torsional and bending stiffness ... even without a roof,” says Ferrari.

Now all the information is availableto the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta: Under the hood the well-known V12 works with 800 hp, which is supported by an electric motor with 120 kW. The maximum torque is 900 Nm. The open LaFerrari runs to 100 km /h in less than 3 seconds and to 200 things in 7.1 seconds. Top speed is only reached at over 350 km /h. The lithium-ion battery consists of eight modules and 120 cells. She weighs 60 kg. Ferrari cites 1.904 million euros (including tax) as the base price for the Aperta for Germany. A value to forget, because the Aperta is already sold out

There is even a first buyer who wants to part with the rare hit. Solvent customers will get a LaFerrari Aperta at mobile.de offered. The open super sports car should bring 5.1 million euros.

A Ferrari collector who went empty-handed in the distribution is now suing Ferrari, as Autoweek reports. Preston Henn from Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a retired racing driver and an ardent Ferrari fan for 60 years. His Ferrari collection includes dozens of Italian athletes, including rare pieces.

When the LaFerrari Aperta became known, Penn is said to have sent a check for a million dollars to Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne to claim it secure an open LaFerrari. The check came back, together with a rejection.

Penn now claims to have learned from third parties that Ferrari has classified him as 'unqualified' for the acquisition of an Aperta. Penn does not want to let that sit on him and has filed a lawsuit against Ferrari. He demands $ 75,000 for reputational damage. No matter how things turn out, he won't get a LaFerrari Aperta because of that.

Kane & Co.
It comes with an acrylic glass display.

LaFerrari Aperta model for $ 430

Anyone interested can do so for only $ 430at least acquire the LaFerrari Aperta as a 1:43 scale model car. The open two-seater is available at this tariff from the American model car provider Kane & Co . The miniature comes of course in red lacquer with brown leather interior.

The construction of the hood cannot be recognized on the model. The engine compartment has a transparent cover. The LaFerrari Aperta is delivered in an acrylic glass garage. In contrast to the strictly limited real Aperta, the model car seems to be unlimited.

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Seat sample Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Most of us will certainly only use the interior of the strictly limited super sports car as a virtual cockpit in computer games to get to know. But even if that hurts now: Even the best augmented reality glasses will never be able to fully convey this atmosphere.

The leather seat shells are hard, but padded just soft enough not to be uncomfortable. He wants to let you feel his performance. The topless feeling is reminiscent of a Targa rather than a convertible because of the barely 60 centimeter wide hood cutout, but there is enough daylight that the many carbon surfaces shimmer in it. The angular steering wheel with a roughened leather cover feels like a trophy in the hands. With so much glitz and glamor, it is relieving to see that such mundane things as buttons for window lifters or hazard lights are arranged quite clearly in the center console Raise a reproach: you can't see anything at the back apart from a steep carbon wall. Hopefully the built-in camera will do the job. As a driver you would need those under 1.55 meters but actually also for the front. It's nice that the pedals can be moved closer to the driver's seat using a lever. But if you can't even begin to see the upper edge of the dashboard, it would be better not to accelerate. But these are certainly all 'points of criticism' that can be solved with the necessary change, should a purchase be pending.

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