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  • Ferrari FXX K, McLaren P1 GTR, Aston Martin Vulcan: Outrageously expensive toys for the racetrack

Ferrari FXX K, McLaren P1 GTR, Aston Martin Vulcan: Outrageously expensive toys for the racetrack

Ferrari FXX K, McLaren P1 GTR, Aston Martin Vulcan
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M it was the LaFerrari that Ferrari had In 2013 a 963 hp hybrid super sports car was launched. Potent enough for the racetrack, but also suitable for the road. The Ferrari FXX K, which was presented in Abu Dhabi at the end of 2014 and is based on the LaFerrari, the Italians drove out any roadworthiness. It is a model only for closed slopes.

Ferrari FXX K with 1,050 PS

The super sports car curbs 1,050 PS under its red dress. A 6.3-liter V12 shoots 860 of them, and an electric motor contributes another 190 hp. The power of the Ferrari FXX K does not leave four-time Formula 1 world champions without a trace. 'Mamma mia, the thing goes off. Like the fire brigade,' Sebastian Vettel gushed out after a test drive on the in-house racetrack in Fiorano.

Enjoy the Ferrari FXX K - apart from F1- Scuderia drivers - in future only select customers with a bulging wallet. Just like the competition from McLaren and Aston Martin. Like Ferrari, the two British manufacturers each have a vehicle designed for the racetrack. What they all have in common: They are super fast, extremely powerful, exclusive and sinfully expensive, which means in concrete terms: at least two million euros.

Training programs for customers

Ferrari has already sold almost 40 models of the FXX K. At a unit price of 2.5 million euros plus taxes. From now on, customer test drivers can let off steam in organized circuit events with their 1,050 hp toys. XX program '. It is run by the world's most elite driving school, the 'Corsa Clienti'.

Ferrari provides engineers and instructors - mostly racing professionals - for the training. They show customers how to squeeze the vehicle and hit the right line. On routes like Fuji, Spa, Shanghai, Budapest or Laguna Seca. If you don't want to, you don't have to drag your Ferrari to the track yourself. The Italians can do this on request.

McLaren and Aston Martin have similar programs on offer for their customers. In addition to driving on the racetrack, McLaren also offers simulator training. Aston Martin wants to test the Vulcan in special track days with less powered variants such as the V12 Vantage S or One-77

McLaren P1 GTR smells like FXX K

The low-flying speedster looks a bit like the comic figure Hulk. Muscular down to the last detail and green. A seven-liter V12 pulsates in the Aston Martin Vulcan and is said to spit out over 800 hp. A sequential six-speed gearbox fires all the power to the rear axle. Aston Martin only produces 24 vehicles of its Vulcan. At an estimated price of over two million euros.

The McLaren P1 GTR is also in these price regions and is only available to buyers who have already struck the street P1. The key data of the P1 GTR: 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 with 800 hp and an electric motor with 200 hp. That makes 1,000 hp together. Sophisticated aerodynamics keep the P1 GTR on the ground in combination with non-slip tires, a DRS system ensures the necessary top speed on the slopes.

In our picture gallery we show you the racetrack models from Ferrari, Aston Martin and McLaren . Plus a 570 hp Lamborghini that weighs only 999 kilograms.


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