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Ferrari balance sheet 2021: Over 11,000 cars are a record

There were times when Ferrari artificially limited its output. In 2021, the Italians delivered 11,155 sports cars, more than ever before.

"Our record financial results for 2021 once again demonstrate the strength of our business model. We have carefully managed an impressive order intake, consistent with our strategy of pursuing controlled growth and maintaining brand exclusivity," said Benedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari the balance sheet for 2021.,

Record deliveries

With 11,155 sports cars delivered, Ferrari exceeds the 2020 result by a whopping 22.3 percent. The current figures even exceed the year before Corona by 10.1 percent. And the Italians still don't have an SUV in their model range. But it should be presented with the Purosangue in the course of the year. However, it should not leave the first traces in the balance sheet until 2023, when deliveries begin. Presumably, the first tendencies can already be seen that Ferrari customers are also turning to a non-sports car.,

With sales of almost 4.3 billion euros, Ferrari grew by 23 percent compared to the previous year. Around 3.6 billion of this comes from the sale of cars and spare parts. 189 million brought engine sales to the sister brand Maserati and especially in the Formula 1 area. Ferrari turns over a remarkable 431 million euros with merchandising articles and trademark rights. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) increased Ferrari by 34 percent to 1.53 billion euros. Net profit increased by 37 percent to 833 million euros. The Italians can look forward to a margin of 35.9 percent, which should bring tears to the eyes of competitors.

V8 particularly in demand

Bestsellers at Ferrari, which according to their own statements have suffered neither from a lack of chips nor from material shortages, are the V8 models, which include the Roma, the Portofino, the F8 Tributo and the SF90. They account for 83 percent of all vehicles delivered. Only 17 percent of all Ferraris were equipped with a V12 engine. Here, interest in buying focused on the discontinued 812 Superfast. While the eight-cylinder increased by 34.6 percent, the twelve-cylinder had to lose 16.1 percent.,

The largest market for Ferrari was again the EMEA economic area, i.e. Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 5,492 or 49 percent of the total production was sold here. Ferrari put the increase at 14 percent. The second strongest market is America. 26 percent of all Ferraris were delivered here. 2,831 models correspond to an increase of 22 percent. The Asian region accounted for 1,933 and thus 17 percent of all Ferrari models - an increase of 27 percent. Listed separately are China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which account for a whopping eight percent of the Ferrari pie. 899 Ferraris were delivered here, which corresponds to an increase of 97 percent.,


Corona crisis, lack of chips, material bottlenecks - you can only laugh about that at Ferrari. The high-price segment seems to be immune to such injustices. The sports car manufacturer will continue to increase sales figures, profits and margins in 2021. And so far they don't even have an SUV in their range. It won't go on sale until 2023.


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