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Ferrari 488 GTB & amp; California T: Up to 790 hp for the turbos

Alpha-N Performance
Ferrari 488 GTB & California T
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In Maranello, Italy, too, the era of free-aspirating high-speed engines is slowly coming to an end. A new era was heralded at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2014. The open-air sports car California T was presented there for the first time - the first Ferrari since production of the legendary F40 ended in 1992, which again competes with a supercharged engine. The mid-engine racer 4 88 GTB powered by a 3.9 liter twin-turbo V8. The tuners from Alpha-N Performance from Bad Neuenahr are now offering in-house EVOX performance enhancements for both Ferrari cars.

Ferrari- Turbo engine increases by 120 hp

With the Alpha-N upgrade, the output of the 488 GTB engine increases from 670 to a full 790 hp, while the maximum torque increases from 760 to 860 Nm. No less impressive is the power upgrade for the open front-engined sports car California T. Its engine output increases from 560 to 680 hp, and the maximum torque curve climbs from 755 to 873 Nm. Alpha-N Performance calls for almost 3,000 euros each for the EVOX performance increases. The increase in performance can either be done in-house at Alpha-N Performance or - thanks to illustrated installation instructions - can also be carried out by any mechatronics technician.


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