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Ferrari 456 GT in the driving report: Concerto Grosso

Ferrari 456 GT driving report
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Spring 1994, once again a Ferrari makes a guest appearance in the editorial office. The 4 56 GT is a powerful-looking front-engine coupé, the classic two-plus-two and thus also optically a clear departure from the formally wilder mid-engine designs.

5.5-liter V12 with 442 hp

The Ferrari 456 GT with the characteristic pop-up headlights and the stately length of exactly 4.73 meters carries its single cylinder volume as types, as is usual with the Italian breed brand -Mark. The 65-degree V engine has twelve cylinders under the front hood. We do the math and arrive at 5,474 cubic centimeters. Since the early days of Superfast from the fifties, no production Ferrari has cracked the magical five-liter limit.

The Ferrari The 456 GT does it completely unabashedly, delivering 442 hp at 6,200 revolutions and 550 Newton meters of torque. The four-valve engine is a real monster, extremely elegant and seriously packed under a Pininfarina body, the line of which is reminiscent of the famous GTB /4, better known as Daytona, from the seventies.

The true successor to the Ferrari 365 GTB /4 “Daytona”

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see the Ferrari 456 GT as the true successor to the Daytona - faster, safer to drive, simply better. All cars have grown in temperament by now, even the 2 CV. Of course, a Ferrari shouldn't be left behind. The Daytona achieved exactly 274 km /h in the 1973 test; the 456 GT did not have less than 301, exactly 21 years later.

The gear ranges of the, which can be shifted via an open, chrome-plated backdrop, are even more impressive Six-speed transmission in the Ferrari 456 GT. Even the second reaches up to 125 km /h at the permitted 7,200 revolutions, the third up to 175, number four up to 225, and those in a hurry can upshift again at 275 km /h, from fifth to sixth.

The Ferrari 456 is pious

You can, but you don't have to in the Ferrari 456 GT. The twelve-cylinder beast pretends to be pious when driving around normally, lays with its electronically controlled oneBosch petrol injection is already shut off powerfully from 1,000 revs and impresses with its minimum speed in sixth gear. A little less than city speed is possible with this engine, a full 48 km /h.

The development of power in the Ferrari 456 GT is experienced as a prime example of steadiness. The power of the huge twelve-cylinder engine increases steadily, between 5,000 and 7,000 tours the forces are downright gigantic. In addition, there is an acoustic background whose purity and authenticity should also taste good to a Placido Domingo. No artificial flaps control the concert, everything is real, natural, so to speak - twelve-tone music at its best.

1.8 tons are closed move

The short-stroke four-valve engine with its four overhead camshafts has to set no less than 1.8 tonnes in motion, and that too works brilliantly. The Ferrari 456 GT is up to 100 km /h in 5.2 seconds and 200 km /h in just 18 seconds. Even the very fast in its vicinity are left out. Machine, at least 6 liters less than the Daytona. They have to be changed every 10,000 kilometers, and the valve clearance compensation takes place automatically. It is difficult to understand that the camshafts in the Ferrari 456 GT are driven by a high-maintenance toothed belt. A change costs around 1,200 euros - the engine can stay in it.

Interior - fine leather everywhere

There are a nice tool set, a kind of first aid kit for the V12, with which the majority of 456 buyers would probably not know what to do with. Anyone who has experienced the interior of the Ferrari 456 GT may not imagine screwing fingers anyway. Fine leather everywhere, plus an equipment style of the big, expensive car world. Quite noticeable, especially in contrast to a Ferrari of today, the simplicity of the presentation and the functionality of the controls.

The steering wheel with its leather-covered rim and the discreet Ferrari horse in the middle, no buttons, none Lever. In front of it, nice and large, speedometer and rev counter, a little offset towards the console five small instruments, including just a handful of switches. Behind it, dominating, is the gear lever with its round knob made of light metal. Otherwise the Ferrari 456 GT would have become even heavier.

Speed ​​and comfort

Anyone who has ever experienced the fabulous straight-line stability of the GTB /4 is at the Ferrari 456 GT is no longer surprised at how effortlessly and stress-free high motorway speeds are possible. Suspension comfort also depends on the speed - the faster the better. The stiffness of the damper can be adjusted, but as is often the case with such options, the normal position seems the most suitable.

Oppositethe old Daytona and also compared to the rest of the Ferrari program, the Ferrari 456 GT shows a clear plus in terms of suspension, and is on par with good sedans, especially on the motorway. It is the real Gran Turismo qualities that are shown here - in a bewitchingly elegant packaging and a brilliant drive. It is amazing again and again how little slip the high performance brings to the ground and how little a four-wheel drive is missed.

Drive a Ferrari and earn money

The fuel consumption also benefits from this waiver But even so, the huge twelve-cylinder wants to be well supplied with Super Plus. Nothing runs below 15 liters per 100 kilometers, the maximum comes close to 30 liters, the test average for the Ferrari 456 GT is 19.5.

The Ferrari 456 is more economical than the famous and expensive Daytona So GT is not, but it is considerably cheaper. While the cult GTB /4 is currently valued at around 250,000 euros, a well-preserved Ferrari 456 GT is available for between 40,000 and 60,000 euros. That sounds not only like twelve-cylinder, but also like an investment. Driving a Ferrari and earning money - that does not seem entirely impossible with a 456 GT.


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