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Ferrari 330 P2 at Amelia Island auction: this Ferrari costs only € 63,000

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Ferrari 330 P2 at Amelia Island auction
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B on the Amelia Island -Auction this speedster was the cheapest automobile. The hammer fell at $ 66,125 - and the Spina Bifida Association Jacksonville is happy about the proceeds, because it went to this non-profit organization that supports families whose children are affected by this malformation can look forward to a really compact racing car which, with a length of only 2.5 meters, can also be parked upright in the garage if necessary. In addition to the technical data, the origin is also unusual :. Instead of in Maranello, this Ferrari ran 330 P2 namely in France from the assembly line.

A Ferrari that was built in France

It is likely that a rich American made a wish of his offspring with the 6.5 hp car. For the price of a well-equipped E-Class, the highest bidder bought a classic among motorized children's vehicles at the auction on Amelia Island. The De La Chapelle company has been building classic cars in miniature format since 1981, which are powered by a small 169 cubic Subaru four-stroke engine with 6.5 hp. The final drive is via a chain on the rear wheels.

More than 1,600 mini-classic cars have been built since 1981. There is a true-to-scale Bugatti Type 55, a BMW 328 and, as a motorsport highlight, the Ferrari 330 P2. The venerable 'Automobil Club de l'Ouest', organizer of the Le Mans 24-hour race, ordered a small series of this Ferrari in order to carry out training runs for the youngsters on the traditional racetrack. One of these examples has now been sold at the Amelia Island auction.

The Le Mans story of the 410 hp model was not particularly successful, however. In 1965 two copies of the Ferrari 330 P2 started - the first retired with clutch damage, the second with gear damage.

Manufactory only produces to order - and fulfills special requests

The small Ferrari 330 P2 measures exactly 2.56 meters in length, 1.11 in width and 70Centimeters in height. The GRP body is stretched over a tubular frame chassis and offers space for a passenger who is barely allowed to measure more than 1.50 m. With an empty weight of 175 kg, the power-to-weight ratio is a little sporty 27 kg per hp. And the power is transmitted via an automatic centrifugal force. After all, there should be no transmission problems like with the original. A hydraulic disc brake system ensures good deceleration values, and participation in night races is enabled by a 12 V electrical system with illuminated front headlights, taillights and instrument lighting.

De La Chapelle only builds miniature cars upon reservation and fulfills almost everyone Customer request. The option list includes an electric starter, leather upholstery, paintwork, hubcaps with central nut optics, handbrake levers made of polished aluminum, reverse gear and racing decor. There are also expansion stages for the chassis: it can be trimmed for use on the racetrack with hydraulic shock absorbers, double wishbones made of light metal, differential and internal disc brakes.

De La Chapelle has been around for more than 100 years

The history of the French brand De La Chapelle began more than 100 years ago: De La Chapelle Frères et Compagnie has been building automobiles in Saint-Chamond since 1907. In the early 1970s, the company, which had since been dissolved, was brought back to life by a descendant of the founders under the name 'Automobiles Stimula-De La Chapelle'. Xavier de la Chapelle initially built roadsters with a retro design based on Bugatti before he presented the De La Chapelle Roadster with a modern body in 1996.


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