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Ferrari 250 LM from Pop-Star: Ferrari should bring 12.5 million

Darin Schnabel © 2015 Courtesy of RM Auctions
Ferrari 250 LM from Pop-Star under the hammer
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Number 9 of 32 Ferrari 250 LM produced

N nr 32 cars were built by Ferrari of the type 250 LM: This is even rarer than one of the legendary GTO. Ferrari built the 250 LM offered on January 16, 2015 by auction house RM in the US state of Arizona as the ninth copy of its small series and sold it in June 1964 to the Swiss private racing stable of Georges Filipinetti in Geneva. The factory drivers Lodovico Scarfiotti and Nino Vaccarella were successful with the 320 hp mid-engine car right from the start.

Ecurie Filipinetti paid exactly 64,200 Swiss francs for the premium racer from Modena with chassis number 5899. From the delivery invoice to the first owner, who according to a handwritten note was paid on June 24th, about the racing history up to the current Swiss owner, the history of this 250 LM is completely documented. As with many other racing vehicles, this also includes strokes of fate.

Porsche 906 body over shortened Ferrari chassis

The second owner, an architect and amateur racing driver from Zurich, had an accident with the Ferrari during the hill climb on Engelsberg in 1965. The aluminum body was badly damaged in the event of a rollover. The Swiss Hans Illlert, who bought the Ferrari as an accident car, saved himself the sinfully expensive repair of the light metal shell and instead fitted a plastic structure of the new Porsche 906 onto the shortened Ferrari chassis.

The Racing driver from the Swiss town of Feldmeilen used the Ferrari in Porsche dress from August 1966 as 'Illert LM-P'. In this form, the 250 LM with the V12 engine had a long racing history that spanned four seasons. European mountain champion Heini Walter, Herbert Müller and the later Porsche race director Rico Steinemann sat at the wheel, among others. In an accident in early 1970, the plastic skin of the Carrera 6 was severely damaged. Then it would take seven years for the Ferrari to be restored: An English pop star was responsible for the restoration of the rare 250 LM from 1977 onwards.

10cc singer as previous owner: Dreadlock Holidays meets Ferrari

Eric Stewart of the band 10CC was working on the new hit 'Dreadlock Holidays' when he bought the Ferrari and via an English oneThe restorer ordered a new, true-to-original aluminum body for the 5899 chassis from customer service at the Modena plant. The work took a good four years until Stewart was able to take a test drive with his finished red mid-engine racer in Goodwood.

Shortly afterwards, he sold the finished gem. This Ferrari 250 LM subsequently belonged to several collectors before Federico della Noce and Andrè Lara Resende bought Chassis 5899 in 1997. They had the 250 LM restored again and Della Noce regularly competed with the racing car in historic races such as the Shell Historic Ferrari Maserati Challenge. For the 250 LM, which has the engine originally installed, Ferrari Classiche issued its certificate in 2005, which attests to the authenticity of this 250 LM. The car was also on display in the Galleria Ferrari.

Enzo's Ferrari outburst of anger

For the 250 LM, Enzo Ferrari's first road car with a mid-engine, the company boss broke with the conventional naming of his cars: Since the twelve-cylinder had a displacement of 3285 cubic centimeters, the 250 LM should actually have been called '275 LM' after the volume of a single cylinder. But the number 250 was chosen carefully. During the homologation, Ferrari urged that the model be recognized as an evolution of the 250 GTO. The 250 LM could have scored points as a GT in the international brand championship in the fight against the Porsche.

But the Commendatore's plan failed, for which he blamed the Italian Automobile Sports Association. He was so furious that he repainted John Surtees' Formula 1 car from red in the US racing color white with blue stripes at the last two world championship races in 1964 and under the application of his US importer N.A.R.T. (North American Racing Team). In terms of sport, at least, there was a happy ending: Surtees won the world championship in the premier class and Ferrari also defended the brand championship in the GTs - incidentally, even in the following year, despite even greater efforts by arch rival Ford. A_-headline v-A_-headline__article - beta '> Ferrari's last Le Mans winner

Even in the most important sports car race of the year, the Le Mans 24-hour race, Ferrari was able to win thanks to the Celebrating prototype classified 250 LM: 50 years ago the US team NART by Luigi Chinetti and the Belgians Pierre Dumay and Gustave Gosselin each in one of the 32 built mid-engine racers for a double victory. This sixth success for the brand and ninth overall is Ferrari's last overall Le Mans victory to date. The successful 250 LM from N.A.R.T. drove Masten Gregory and the then 23-year-old young driver Jochen Rindt.

This model story resonates when on Friday in posh ArizonaBiltmore Resort & Spa which is called Lot 250. In the auction race, Ferrari-brand cars still have the edge. The Ferrari 250 LM with the chassis number 5899 could generate a profit of millions in the first few days of the new auction year. Of the total of 120 cars on offer at the two-day RM auction, 21 Ferrari alone will be auctioned.


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