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Ferrari 250 GTO: New world record: GTO for 35 million

Ferrari 250 GTO
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D amit the now sold Ferrari 250 GTO (value equivalent to 28.2 million euros) is another four million more expensive than the sister model that was sold a few weeks ago by the English businessman John Hunt. A total of only 39 GTOs were built: In Germany, Auto-Becker called for 78750 D-Marks for the super sports car in 1963 - you would have got almost 19 VW Beetles for this.

From England to the USA

According to Bloomberg News, this is now from Eric Heerema, a Dutch businessman and owner of the Nyetimber winery in the county of Sussex, to Craig McCaw from Seattle (USA) sold pastel green Ferrari 250 GTO was delivered by Maranello to the English UDT Laystall team on April 20, 1962. The exterior color, which is unusual for a Ferrari, was the distinguishing mark of the team, which was financed by the United Dominion Trust and also used Formula 1 cars in the same paint scheme in 1961 and 1962. Behind it was the British Racing Partnership (BRP) team co-founded by Alfred Moss (father of Stirling and Pat Moss).

Ferrari 250 GTO for Stirling Moss

Originally, the UDT Laystall team also planned to send its new Ferrari 250 GTO with driver Stirling Moss in races in the brand world championship. But after Moss' serious accident in a Lotus Formula 1 at Goodwood three days after the delivery of the GTO, which marked the end of the career of the famous racing driver, Innes Ireland and Masten Gregory started the Ferrari. Ireland won the Tourist Trophy in Dundrod with this GT.

Illustrious story

In 1963 the Austrian actor bought and Doctor Gunther Philipp the Ferrari 250 GTO. He defended his title as Austrian national champion with the racing coupé. After almost two seasons, Philipp sold the light green GTO, which came back to England in 1965. The owners also included racing driver and collector Alain de Cadenet. In 1997 Harry Leventis acquired the Ferrari 250 GTO with chassis number 3505GT allegedly for $ 3.5 million. At the Goodwood Revival Meeting 1999, after 37 years, the driver for whom the car was originally intended was finally behind the wheel: Stirling Moss.

Share on four wheels

The pastel green Ferrari 250 GTO then parked in the collection of the Japanese Yoshiho Matsuda in Tokyo via a dealer - its purchase price in 1999was already eight million US dollars. In 2002, Heerema acquired the rolling stock for $ 8.5 million. Now - ten years later - the Ferrari 250 GTO is worth more than four times as much.

The class of the GTO

What makes the Ferrari 250 GTO so special? Like no other model from the racing and sports car brand, the GTO combines the qualities for the racetrack with those for the country road. In addition, the model is all the shrewdness of Enzo Ferrari. He calls the model Gran Turismo Omologato and describes it as a GT approved for motorsport. For this, the company boss and his engineer Giotto Bizzarrini use a paragraph in the international sports law that allows an improved body shape for GTs if the technology corresponds 100 percent to the original model. But compared to the already homologated 250 GT Short Wheel Base (SWB), the GTO has, for example, a modified engine and a different transmission. What is known today was not noticed by the scrutineers at the time: The 250 GTO was considered a GT and Ferrari won the brand world championship.

Top prices for Ferrari

But not only Ferrari 250 GTOs are currently available particularly popular, but also other racing cars and GTs from the Italian sports and racing car manufacturer. More and more classics are coming onto the market, some of which have been in a collection for decades. The Ferrari 250 TR factory car (chassis number 0728TR), with which Phil Hill and Olivier Gendebien won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1958, from the renowned Pierre Bardinon collection, went to the USA for allegedly 24 to 25 million euros.

Le Mans winning car from 1970 back in Europe

But Porsche racing cars steeped in history are also currently achieving top prices. This was not only shown by the auction of the Drendel collection on Amelia Island (USA) in March. A collector in the USA has now sold the Porsche 917K (chassis number 917-023), with which Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann achieved the first Le Mans victory for Porsche in 1970, to England - the purchase price was around £ 10 million (equivalent to £ 12.35) Million euros).


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