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Fehmarnbelt crossing: tunnel instead of bridge possible

Fehmarnbelt crossing
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S ie should cost 38.5 instead of the previously assumed 33 billion crowns (5.2 instead of 4.4 billion euros) mainly because of increased security requirements. Denmark has committed itself to assuming the costs of the Baltic Sea connection.

Tunnel cheaper than bridge

If, on the other hand, a tunnel solution between Puttgarden in Schleswig-Holstein and Rødby in If Denmark were chosen, it should be a little cheaper than a bridge at 37.9 billion crowns. So far, the cost of a tunnel has been estimated at 41 billion crowns.

Because the costs had been expected to be significantly lower, the final decision to build a bridge in Copenhagen was considered likely. When a planning contract was signed two years ago, both governments agreed that the German side would only have to bear connection costs in their own country of an estimated 800 million euros.

Construction project not yet finally approved

Schmidt announced a statement from his ministry for the bridge or tunnel solution in January. Environmentalists and other critics of the Fehmarnbelt link consider the construction of a submerged tunnel to be the less environmentally harmful solution. The Bundestag and Denmark's Folketing have not yet given the final green light for the actual construction project.

Schmidt said the new cost calculations would not shake his confidence in the economic and financial soundness of the project: 'It is well calculated and solid. ' After completion, scheduled for 2018, the travel time between Copenhagen and Hamburg for rail travelers and drivers would be shortened by just under one to a good three hours.


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