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Federal Council overturns § 21 StVZO monopoly

Federal Council overturns § 21 StVZO monopoly
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B isher, full reports and individual approvals according to $ 21 StVZO in the old federal states were only allowed to be issued by the TÜV and in the new federal states exclusively by DEKRA. These monopoly positions of the testing organizations will no longer exist in the future, because the Federal Council decided on a corresponding liberalization in its meeting today (February 15, 2019), the testing organization GTÜ points out. The changes will take effect on March 22nd, 2019 with the publication of the decision in the Federal Law Gazette.

Applies to full reports and individual approvals

An assessment according to § 21 StVZO is required in various areas: Was a vehicle If the vehicle has been decommissioned for more than seven years without vehicle documents, such a report is usually necessary for re-registration. A used imported vehicle from countries outside the European Union, such as the USA, must also be examined by the technical service experts before it is registered. Older imported vehicles from outside Germany without an EC type approval also require a § 21 appraisal.

The majority of the approximately 460,000 appraisals each year concern vehicle changes in everyday life, for example through vehicle parts that are not approved for attachment to certain vehicles. These changes must be checked extensively by the specialists for compliance with the regulations within the framework of an assessment according to § 19 (2) in conjunction with § 21 StVZO - this type of assessment is popularly called 'individual acceptance'.

With this liberalization the market could also result in shifts in the fee structure. However, dumping prices are not to be expected, as the legislator specifies a fee framework here.


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