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Family cars: the best models for the family

Uli Jooß
Family cars
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The big volume brands have a wide range of models for families that come into question. In order to make it easier for you to make a decision, we have analyzed the model range of important manufacturers for family suitability.

Since many car buyers favor a certain manufacturer, special attention is paid to the internal brand comparison. In addition to the space available, central criteria are also price and maintenance costs.

Further discounts are a matter of negotiation

The vehicle types range from the cheap, but rather spartan high-roof station wagon to vans and SUVs. The discount level determined by the Carplus market observers only relates to offers without the scrapping premium. 'In many cases, even more discounts can be negotiated with additional premiums that are passed on from the dealers to the customers,' says Susanne Wurzel from Carplus. For Ford models with higher equipment lines, an additional two percent is possible. Renault offers , especially for discontinued models, in some cases noticeably higher discounts. Conclusion: You can currently get bargains even without a scrapping premium.

When calculating the monthly maintenance costs, we assumed liability and fully comprehensive insurance with a 50 percent no-claims discount. Standard consumption, taxes, maintenance and wear part costs are also included in the calculation. The loss in value is not included. For better comparability, either the same or suitable engine versions were selected, which are available in all models.

SUV with higher maintenance costs

When comparing it quickly becomes clear that SUVs usually cause noticeably higher maintenance costs. In the case of the Opel Antara it is 119 euros more than the more economical Astra Caravan . Even if SUVs are considered chic - if you consider the design-related disadvantages such as a high loading sill, the SUV is often the worst choice for practical and cost reasons. The external impression, in which off-road vehicles often suggest more safety and size, is deceptive insofar as SUVs usually do not have better safety equipment than vans or station wagons and do notrarely have smaller trunk.

For example, the Ford Kuga only 360 liters of trunk volume, whereas the Focus Tournament swallows 503 liters. In most cases, high-roof station wagons offer the best value for money. But they also offer the worst comfort. Nevertheless, with the new Kangoo noticeably align the level with other models of the brand.

Station wagon as a classic, van as a family idyll

Families shouldn't lose sight of the classic station wagon. Due to its shape, it is usually a little more economical than a van or high-roof station wagon, but at the same time often offers sufficient storage space, at least for families with up to two children.

The van is actually a type of vehicle designed for families. It combines large storage space with the pleasant high seating position, which mothers especially appreciate in SUVs. Disadvantages are the often poor clarity and the usually poorer performance and consumption values ​​compared to station wagons.

Check alternatives

Nevertheless, it is worth thinking outside the box. With the Qashqai + 2 , Nissan has to For example, a spacious compact SUV put on its wheels, which should definitely be considered for families who absolutely want or need an SUV with seven seats. The Mazda 5 is wrongly too late Germany a niche existence. Because no other van in this class has the practical sliding doors.

To whom the VW Golf Variant (only available for a short time as a discontinued model) is too expensive, which can be found with the Skoda Octavia Combi in VW group a cheap alternative. The Dacia Logan MCV is unbeatable in terms of price, However, the lack of ESP and the not very high quality interior fittings are a big downer.

Of course, choosing a family car remains a matter of taste and not least a question of money. But the practical use and maintenance costs should not be underestimated.


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