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Fair report Adventure Allrad Bad Kissingen 2012

Torsten Seibt
Fair report Adventure Allrad Bad Kissingen
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T he scene is alive - and how! The exhibition grounds on the Kasernenberg in Bad Kissingen seem to be bursting at the seams, the exhibition areas are occupied down to the last centimeter. RVs. Retrofitters, tuners, dealers, manufacturers - the range on offer at the Abenteuer Allrad 2012 trade fair seems as broad as it is rare.

Crowds of spectators at the Abenteuer Allrad in Bad Kissingen

And the spectators also stormed the exhibition on the first day of the fair. The shuttle buses tirelessly shoveled off-road fans to the fair, who can get a comprehensive overview of off-road events here like no other car exhibition.

We have identified some trends this year. For example the VW Amarok. For many cabin and body manufacturers, the still quite new pickup from Volkswagen is in the focus, numerous conversions and bodies can be admired. However, the competition is also considered: Taubenreuther is the first supplier to offer a complete package for the brand new Ford Ranger. The project will premiere at the Adventure Allrad 2012 trade fair.

New trend: The SUVs are coming

Two trends are, that makes one sit up and take notice, the SUV, and especially the Dacia Duster. With the Romanian price breaker, the industry sees the opportunity to introduce new customers to the offroad topic who cannot or will not buy an expensive “real” SUV. In the meantime, various providers at the Adventure Allrad 2012 trade fair offer conversions for the Duster, from raising it to underride protection and swiveling spare wheel carriers. But other SUVs are also on the list of tuners. The off-road tire specialist Mayerosch has a conversion kit for 14 current compact SUVs from the Citroen C-Crosser to the VW Tiguan with which the supposed softies can be lifted by up to 50 millimeters and fitted with off-road tires. And at Matzker, the trendy Range Rover Evoque becomes a sharp rally sweep.

Premieres at the Adventure Allrad trade fair

The participation from other European countries is also encouraging. Some providers have obviously discovered the lucrative market in Germany and are flying their colors at the Adventure Allrad 2012 trade fair in Bad Kissingen. Much to the delight of customers, because the accessory dealers lure with competitive prices. CommitmentSports seats for 200 euros, the now much sought-after LED auxiliary headlights for 40 euros? Also available at the Abenteuer Allrad 2012, in apparently perfect quality (see picture gallery).

Already no longer a trend, but an established market: the off-road trailers. From the empty chassis to the luxurious one-room apartment, dozens of exhibitors at the Adventure Allrad 2012 trade fair have something suitable in their program to add a place to sleep and sleep in the off-road vehicle even away from the slopes. The technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the equipment for full-size mobile homes is now packed into the smallest of spaces. It is also ideal for getting ideas for your own projects, especially since the providers of folding tents in Bad Kissingen are all represented.

Fascination Wanderlust

Fascination Wanderlust: Traditionally, tour operators and mobile home converters have been a fixture in Bad Kissingen. This year too, fans of large and very large expedition vehicles at the Adventure Allrad 2012 trade fair do not know where to look first. Industry giants such as Action Mobil or Unicat have brought real palaces with them on rough tunnels, where a full-grown Suzuki Jimny is sometimes parked in the rear garage. And if you particularly like this topic, you should also stop by the visitor camp. Here you can see live and in real operation how the scene ticks. From the small roof tent to the huge MAN KAT mobile home, everything is represented, the owners are happy to provide information to those interested. The Adventure Allrad is also a huge long-distance travel meeting.

In our large picture gallery we have summarized all the highlights of the Adventure Allrad 2012 fair.


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