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FAB Design tunes the S-Class: luxury eagle with 630 hp

FAB Design
FAB Design tunes S-Class
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D he complete body conversion is based on the S -Class Coupé and should make a more subtle impression overall. FAB Design provided the S-Class with a comprehensive aerodynamics program. According to Greek mythology, the 'Ethon' is an eagle and thus the king of the sky. The preferred terrain of the 'Ethon' by FAB Design, on the other hand, is the street, but even there it should dominate - at least if its creators at FAB Design have their way. In addition, the Swiss screwed up the performance of the V8 biturbo to 630 hp. The maximum torque is 920 Nm.

In order to achieve these values, the engine was extensively modified. And in order to be able to implement the newly gained power, the drive train was also modified accordingly. In addition to the mechanics and electronics of the car, the braking system was also adapted. The newly designed 'Ethon' was then fitted with three-part forged Evolution II rims with the dimensions 9.5J x 22 and 10J x 22 inches, onto which tires of sizes 255 /30R22 and 295 /25R22 were mounted. Forged Evolight rims with the same dimensions are also optionally available.


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