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FAB Design shows AMG GT / S: wide body for the Geneva Motor Show

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
Geneva Motor Show 2020
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FAB Design has the M ercedes wider fenders with prominent air outlets, so that the wonder horse named after the Greek mythology can breathe properly. In addition to the newly designed side skirts, the new rear apron and diffuser at the rear catch the eye. The rear wing is unmistakably enthroned above it. But it doesn't just go high, the Aerion is also lowered by 30 millimeters by means of a modified chassis.

700 PS at a maximum of 1,025 Nm

Thanks to a new intake tract, a map optimization , a new exhaust system and larger turbocharger unfolds the V8 biturbo engine of the Aerion 700 PS - with a maximum torque of 1,025 Nm. The forged, three-part Evolution III rims in 9.5x20 and 11x21 in a concave design, together with the 275 /30R20 front and 305 /25R21 rear tires, establish contact between the road and the vehicle. As far as the interior is concerned, according to FAB Design, there are hardly any limits to what customers want. The saddlery department offers leather or other high-quality fabrics and threads, but applications in carbon are also possible.


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