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Extreme tuning: Zeus blow-drying hair with 2,000 watts

Markus Stier
Extreme tuning
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E s is nice when there are a few more reliable ones in life Sizes there. Nowhere is the crowd greater than in the narrow hall eight. The taillights go away like Schnitzel at Bauer Ewald, coilovers are stacked on fat pallets and rear silencers are available on the rooting table from 49 euros. A creative manufacturer has wrapped its pots with orange-colored faux fur ribbons to attract attention. 'This is a joke, isn't it,' one of the visitors asks her friend astutely.

Whether it's fun or serious is not entirely clear, in any case, in hall eleven Renault tuner Elia offers the one who breaks every price in the area Dacia Duster in the vampire hunter version for 27,000 euros. The matt black 'Darkster' is the dark answer to the Lara Croft Edition from Land Rover and makes the full moon look like a pale sparkle thanks to the roof light kit. Conveniently, it also carries a black roof box with which the hunted undead can be transported away in a species-appropriate manner.

The trend is towards a second battery

The motorcycle faction likes it really martial, and so on Not only is the Red Baron bike causing a stir in hall four, but a real bomb on two wheels. The car hi-fi department offers even heavier projectiles. The crunch Maxxblaster with 250 watts in a bombshell already delivers 250 watts, but that's just the beginning.

The best seller is called Brutus, comes from the house of Hifonics, whose simple motto is modest: 'The power of the gods 'reads. The showpiece in the program is the 'Zeus' boxing ensemble. The father of gods comes in a double pack and blow-drying hairstyles with 2,000 watts. André Stockemer at the booth of internet hi-fi provider eho2003 definitely recommends the right power amplifier, the Hifonics X3 in the dimensions of a camping table for the bargain price of 299 euros. Furthermore, the specialist salesperson points out that with so much bang the on-board network is strained. A second gel battery is therefore recommended.

In terms of performance, little should go beyond the Rolls Royce Dragster, which develops 2,000 hp and reaches 200 km /h in seven seconds. Only its displacement of 9.5 liters is still a bit puny against the power of the armed forces. The Bundeswehr is trying to acquire new recruits by letting trade fair visitors sit in a Fuchs armored vehicle. 12.7The Panzer V8 has to offer liters, but we still have to talk about the power-to-weight ratio: 16.6 tons with around 440 hp? No wonder that thing can only manage 105 things.

325 km /h on every corner

If if they really want it, the Golf tuners can get 440 hp from a two-liter TFSI with a correspondingly large Garrett charger. In any case, the Turbo Center Berlin is already advertising with 397 hp - totally steadfast of course. In order to make the state of the eight- to twelve-cylinder faction in the premier class, 700 hp should be raised. Top speed promises of 325 km /h can be found on every corner, which even the bizarre Hemi-Trike from the US dragster scene with its 1,200 PS can achieve.

We still have to talk about acceleration. He's already a Methuselah, and he was never really successful, but even a quarter of a century after the abolition of Group B in the World Rally Championship, the wing monster Audi Quattro E2 still looks awesome. With its 600 hp and PDK dual clutch transmission, it shot Walter Röhrl, who was still fully in the juice, from zero to 100 in 2.8 seconds - on gravel, mind you.

In the torque discipline, however, all petrol destroyers have that Neglect an electric car: The Brabus High Performance 4WD Full Electric comes in the honest guise of an E-Class sedan, but delivers an incredible 2,400 Newton meters with four wheel hub motors.

Hummer H2 with 24-inchers

Apropos unbelievable: Such a Techart Panamera with 22-inch wheels is quite nice, but the Hummer H2 in Hall 3 is getting up 24-inch. So he should be the clear winner on points, but only because the Wheels Company wasn't really serious. 'We have sizes up to 22 inches with us,' says the salesman, but swears that the range certainly has 32-inch models for the gangster rapper of the world. An Audi A6 has already accommodated 24 inches. 'The chassis had to be modified quite a bit and we glued the tires on so that they could hold the air at all,' says the salesman proudly.

In Hall 1A, a zero tolerance policy is practiced. The motto is maximum wheel size with minimum ground clearance. A historic Audi 100 also tragically fell victim to the lowering. If you don't bring your Polo or Corsa to the ground, you can paint it with mystical motifs. The spectrum goes from the husky to the face of Medusa, whose gaze once turned everyone into stone. The real food fan might ask: Couldn't it have been carbon too?


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