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Extend cell phone ban to tablets as well

Extend cell phone ban
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Z lines of the Funke media group reports that the Ministry of Transport is already working on a corresponding regulation and is thus complying with a demand from the federal states.

Start new communication developments

In April, the federal states' transport ministers had a joint resolution calls for the mobile phone ban to be formulated “more generally” in the road traffic regulations. In this way, the legislature should “record new developments in communication technology and user behavior that similarly endanger road safety”. Among other things, the use of tablets should be prohibited.

According to Paragraph 23 of the Road Traffic Act, drivers are currently 'not allowed to use a mobile or car phone if the mobile phone or the car phone receiver has to be picked up or held'. Violations of this can be punished with a fine of 60 euros and one point in Flensburg.


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