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Exploryx Bremach T-Rex: Long-distance travel dinosaur for four

Exploryx Fahrzeugmanufaktur
Exploryx Bremach T-Rex expedition vehicle
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If you think of an alcove motorhome, you immediately see it in your mind's eye: campsite romance with gas grill, shared bathroom and as a highlight the holiday week the colorful evening with live music and animation in the square restaurant. There is another way? It works. In this case with the E xploryx Bremach T-Rex expedition vehicle .

Exploryx Fahrzeugmanufaktur
The Exploryx T-Rex brings together 6.8 meters of total length, which is compact in view of the living space.

Exploryx Bremach T-Rex expedition vehicle

Here, the basic vehicle must first be explained, because Bremach does not automatically have many off-road vehicle fans on their screens . Bremach, a company based in Castenedolo in northern Italy, has dedicated itself to the construction of highly suitable off-road utility vehicles, initially primarily for industrial and municipal users, which differ in some details from mass-produced vehicles.

The most important detail is each comparatively narrow building basic forms, which brings corresponding advantages in terms of maneuverability and in the terrain. Inner cities also lose their horror in the face of fat, medium-weight trucks. Another specialty are the torsion-resistant round tube frames, which means that no complex intermediate frames are required to store a living space.

The small series manufacturer Bremach uses a number of assemblies, including the engine, from the commercial vehicle giant Iveco, which ensures maintenance and repair security guaranteed. The Exploryx Bremach T-Rex is aDouble-cab chassis with 190 hp and a gross vehicle weight of six tons.

Exploryx Fahrzeugmanufaktur
Air-conditioned and heated, furniture made of real wood , exquisite technology. That's the way to live.

On the T-Rex, Exploryx has a structure made of GRP sandwich panels with a base area of ​​3.7 x 2.1 meters, plus the alcove with a double bed. Overall dimensions of the vehicle: LxWxH 6.8 x 2.1 x 3.6 meters. The technical equipment is designed for self-sufficiency: 300 liters of fresh water can be stored frost-proof, while a diesel-powered Webasto dual-top with 11-liter boiler takes care of hot water and heating. On hot days, an air conditioning system ensures pleasant temperatures in the structure. Both heating and cooling are distributed in the structure via a ventilation system. To protect against moisture damage, all furniture and storage compartments are also ventilated.

Self-sufficient at the end of the world

On electric On the other hand, the Exploryx Bremach T-Rex is also equipped for long downtimes away from civilization. The AGM batteries for the body have a capacity of 440 Ah and can be 'filled' in three ways: while driving via the alternator of the engine, in the off via the solar system with 2x 175W and via shore connection with a permanently installed 80A charger.

A door is integrated from the alcove to the four-seater driver's cab, so that there is no need to get out to change between the body and driver's cab - not only a plus in comfort, but also a safety advantage in shady areas. The rear-ventilated and heated double bed is located in the alcove, and the four-seater seating area in the rear of the superstructure can also be converted into a bed.

The bathroom of the Exploryx Bremach T-Rex expedition vehicle has a separate shower, wash basin and cassette toilet . In the kitchen with a stainless steel sink, the dedicated hobby cook will find a three-burner gas stove and a gas oven, the deep-freeze compressor refrigerator has a volume of 130 liters.

Exploryx Fahrzeugmanufaktur
Space there: Bicycles can be stowed in the pull-out rack.

Rear garage for bicycles

An additional highlight of the Exploryx Bremach T-Rex is the large, externally accessible rear storage compartment. It is consistently under the entire structure, which means that two bicycles can be conveniently stowed away using a special, extendable rack. There are also connections for an outdoor shower, a number of sockets and a gas socket for an outdoor grill.

Exploryx does not provide any information about the price of the individual item, it is definitely a good deal higher than that of a standard alcove motorhome. Exploryx reveals more details on request.


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