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Exotics from the fair: flying cars, 500 km / h flounders, 6-wheel fantasies

Geneva Motor Show 2020
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S You surely know the problem: After many generations in jewelry and the jewelery business makes you feel chronically under-challenged, empty and burned out. So why not make your hobby your main occupation and just build a car. A sports car. The fastest in the world, to be precise. Sounds like a real crazy idea, but it can actually be 'admired' in Geneva. Missile is the name of the sports car with which the Corbellati family wants to create an automotive monument. The rocket, with its classic design, is said to have a speed of 500 km /h when it is completely finished. Of course, there is not the slightest doubt about that. Let's see what is left of the dream of the Corbellatis next year.

Not that fast, but always fun and definitely back in 2019: A new “car” from Franco Sbarro. This time the idiosyncratic designer has the 4x4 + 2 with him. An off-road vehicle with two 'spare wheels' that are supposed to help climb steep hills. True to the motto “Go where no one has been before”, the design falls into a very similar category. Although, on closer inspection, there should be a bit more suspension travel for the really blatant off-road excursions. But the 4x4 + 2 leaves no doubt that its creator could still accommodate that.

Cars blow up

180 meters run-up is enough for the world's first series flying car to get around to take to the skies.

There are two cars in Geneva that don't want to be the fastest or the nicest. No, what these two have in mind is to soar to unimagined heights. Precise: In civil airspace. On the one handIf there was the Pal-V Liberty, the world's first series-produced flying car. Of course, this 'flying Dutchman' comes from the Netherlands. Deliveries will begin at the end of this year. The Liberty is a cross between a tricycle with tilting technology, a helicopter and an airplane. The vehicle takes between three and five minutes to deploy the aero elements - that is, to get ready to fly. Then it goes up to a maximum of 3,500 meters above sea level over a distance of up to 500 kilometers using conventional petrol from the petrol station. The flying car is available from 300,000 euros plus taxes. Provided you have a driving license in addition to your driver's license.

And then there would be - a little further away from series production - the Pop Up Next from Audi and Italdesign. A car that has an additional flight module from aircraft manufacturer Airbus. If necessary, it can dock autonomously on the car roof and thus lift the driver's cab into the air. The wheels then remain on the ground, because the chassis is also just a modular part of this concept.

Sports car, art or disaster?

With some exhibits, you don't really know which one Exhaust designers and engineers have taken one nose too many. As far as the Sin Cars S1 is concerned, even the most seasoned motor journalist should be speechless for at least a moment. The description of “organic forms” has never been so appropriate and yet so far removed from what it is otherwise used for. In 2019, the extroverted car of the Bulgarian brand should go into production and be available as a plug-in hybrid, electric car and two-liter turbo. Prices start at $ 49,900, according to the brochure. Too expensive? Then watch out: if you reserve a copy now, you will receive a 10 percent discount on the car price. If you get weak, please send us a photo of how you park your S1 in front of the local ice cream parlor.

The Speedback from David Brown Automotive is built on the old Jaguar XK platform.

The Eadon Green Zeclat has become more of a work of art, not just because of the iridescent paintwork. TheRetro-Mobil looks quite British in itself, but is a real American at heart. Under the hood the engine from the Corvette C7 beats - means: 6.2-liter V8 with 460 hp. The 1930s-style sports car is available either as a seven-speed manual switch or an eight-speed automatic. Modern connectivity options are also on board, although at first glance you can hardly believe it. Unlike the Eadon Green, David Brown Automotive's cars are actually British through and through. Classic GTs are built here on the old Jaguar XK platform, such as the Speedback, which is available in Geneva as a high-performance version “Silverstone Edition”.

How exotic it is in Geneva, which automotive visions are still being spun and what some people can only shake their head about can be seen in our picture gallery.


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