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Exhaust gas scandal: excessive NOx values ​​from almost all manufacturers

KBA measurements: exhaust gas scandal is spreading
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I In most cases, however, this procedure is likely to have been in conformity with the law, while the cheat software (defeat device) from VW is definitely illegal.

Emission test: 27 vehicles within the legal framework

On behalf of the Commission, the Federal Motor Transport Authority tested a total of 53 diesel models on the roller test bench and on the road (RDE - Real Drive Emission) in different scenarios. 27 vehicles remained within the legal framework, with the rest of the vehicles examined, in some cases significantly excessive nitrogen oxide values ​​were found.

The results are divided into three groups. Group 3 only includes VW vehicles in which the defeat device has already been detected in the diesel engines (EA189). Group 2 includes all vehicles with abnormal NOx values ​​- they still have to be checked for defeat devices. Group 1 includes all vehicles that have remained within the legal limits.

Thermo system at Opel switches off below 17 degrees Celsius

Most of the suspicious vehicles in the group 2, a system supplied by Bosch switches off the exhaust gas purification in a defined temperature window (thermal window) - this happens in most vehicles below 10 degrees Celsius, for example at Opel already at 17 degrees. The scientific service of the Bundestag as well as the American authorities consider the 'thermal window' to be simply illegal. The auto industry, on the other hand, considers its technology to be legal due to the engine protection effect.

At his press conference, Dobrindt demanded that in future it must be possible to distinguish between inadmissible disconnection devices more clearly and that the rules can no longer be interpreted differently. As a first immediate measure, car manufacturers must submit a declaration to the KBA on the possibly installed engine protection device when the type approval is granted. Furthermore, the authority will carry out tests on the road and examine unannounced vehicles on its own test stands.

As a result of the results presented, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi as well as Opel and Mercedes in Germany will have 630,000 vehicles for repair in a voluntary service campaign order to the workshops - more about these recalls here .

In addition to the German manufacturers, Alfa, Chevrolet, Dacia, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Nissan, Renault and Suzuki are also represented in the critical group two.

All of them You can read the detailed results in the investigation report that we offer in our download box. In our photo show we show you the examined vehicle models.


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