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Exclusive super GT Carlsson C25 with V12

Sebastian Viehmann
Carlsson C25 based on Mercedes SL in Geneva
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S since 1989 Carlsson has been dedicated to this sporty and exclusive tuning of Mercedes-Benz automobiles. At the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the small-series manufacturer presented a vehicle it developed in-house for the first time - the Carlsson C25.

The two-seater, which is limited to 25 vehicles and is not uncompromising for use, should be more road than racing car was designed on the racetrack, but should guarantee everyday suitability. Its independent design is characterized by an elongated front of the vehicle with a tapering nose between the wide flared fenders. The front is decorated with generously dimensioned air inlets in the typical Carlsson trapezoidal shape. At the rear, the roof line running far to the rear merges smoothly into the spoiler. In addition, the generously dimensioned double diffuser is laterally framed by four angular tailpipes.

V12 biturbo with 735 hp and 1,150 Nm in the Carlsson C25

The technical basis for the exclusive The Mercedes SL 65 AMG delivers the sports coupé. Its powerful twelve-cylinder with 5,980 cubic centimeters produces 612 hp in the standard trim. There are 670 PS in the Black Series model (Click here for the Supertest Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series ). Not enough for the Carlsson men from Merzig in Saarland, who use optimized engine management in combination with a newly developed exhaust system to increase the output of the biturbo engine to 753 hp.

Theoretically, the power plant would have a maximum torque of 1,320 Develop newton meters, but an electronic limiter regulates at 1,150 Newton meters. Still enough to catapult the C25 from zero to 100 km /h in 3.7 seconds using the 5-speed automatic transmission known from AMG. Carlsson specifies the top speed for the super sports car at 352 km /h.

Carlsson's own creation weighs in at 1,950 kilograms. In order to keep the weight below the two-ton limit, special ultra-light forged wheels in the dimensions 9.5x20 and 12x20 inches, each weighing just 11.2 kilograms, were developed. Above that are rubbers of size 265/30 at the front and 325/25 at the back. For the braking system, Carlsson has chosen 405 millimeters at the front and 380 millimeters at the rearRacing brake discs. In order to increase comfort, the in-house developed chassis electronics C-Tronic Suspension are integrated. The automatic adjusts the vehicle height to the external conditions within a few milliseconds and should thereby reduce rolling movements to a minimum.

Exclusivity: One copy of the Carlsson C25 per country

The interior was also given a completely new design. Its shape and color should match the silhouette of the C25. Fittings facing the driver should ensure good ergonomics, while expensive and luxurious inlays made of real carbon and seats made of buffalo leather create a luxurious ambience. At Carlsson, in favor of comfort, racing bucket seats and roll cages are deliberately avoided.

Carlsson also underlines the everyday suitability of the Gran Turismo with the option of being able to service the C25 in every Mercedes-Benz workshop - worldwide. However, Carlsson only wants to deliver one copy to each country. In addition, the price of 510,510 euros guarantees exclusivity and, after all, each C25 is individually made to order.

You can find all the news from the Geneva Motor Show at the colleagues at auto motor und sport in the Auto-Salon-Genf-Spezial .


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